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@All especially modders who want to post their mods (or edit their existing mod post):
Now you may want to use the "Full Reply screen" instead of the usual "Fast Reply box" because just now Sensaiga (our forum theme maker) has finished implementing the mod tag system for SFV. Modder can use them for tagging their mod into what type so mod user can identify which mod type conflict with which one.

Here is the description of each tags:
Skeletal (Mesh):
Mod overwrites a skeletal mesh, applies to player characters and NPC's

Static (Mesh):
Mod overwrites or injects a static mesh, applies to props and other background elements.

Customize Color:
Mod overwrites selectable character color palettes, applies to player characters.

Color (Texture):
Mod overwrites the diffuse texture map of a character or prop, (applies to anything that uses image textures).

Normal (Texture):
Mod overwrites the normal map (RGB dictate relief details) of a character or prop.

SRMA (Texture):
Mod overwrites the SRMA map (Specular, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion) of a character or prop.

Mask (Texture):
Mod overwrites the Mask texture (RGB values dictate material placement) of a character or prop.

SSS (Texture):
Mod overwrites the SSS map (subsurface scattering) of a character.

Material Instance:
Mod overwrites a material instance constant (MIC), these are the "sub" materials that come packaged with characters and props.

Material Master:
Mod overwrites or injects a Master material into the game, these are "parent" materials that are referenced by other items in the game.

Character (Animation):
Mod overwrites a animation of a character, applies to actions the character performs (including win poses, attacks, etc.)

Camera (Animation):
Mod overwrites Camera motion, this applies to special camera angles and camera hacks

Physics Asset:
Mod overwrites a physics asset (used for providing characters with simulated physics like hair, cloth, breasts, bellies, etc.)

VFX & Trails:
Mod overwrites a visual effects file, such as Hadouken's or paint motion trails.

Music (Sound):
Mod overwrites a music file, BGM and things in the like.

Voice (Sound):
Mod overwrites a character voice, applies to all in game speech from characters.

SFX (Sound):
Mod overwrites sound effects, such as explosions or punch sounds.

Other (Miscellaneous):
Mod injects or overwrites something that doesn't fit in any other category, typically system tweaks or ini files.

You can the example on how to use the tag on this mod post by Bloody Rain.

Bloody Rain, for the idea and supplying the tag images
Sensaiga, for implementing them into our forum.
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