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By the way, just like @fatihG_ mentionned it earlier getting colorisation running in UE is not too hard at all. It involves creating a Parameter Collection storing all the colors, and then multiplying them with the desired channel of the mask texture for a given material. (the colors could be plugged directly into the materials too, but that means having to wait for the shaders to recompile each time so that's obviously not a good way to go at it.)

Posted Image

Now Color Edit shows colors as 0-255 as opposed to the 0-1 expected by UE, but it is possible to divide values by 255 directly into the UE color input fields so that makes things easy. The cool thing is that the UE color picker has the option to show the colors as sRGB, making them more predictable.

Parameter collection for Ryu costume1 color2, copied from ColorEdit (disregard the red) :

Network for the Ryu headband :

The only tricky part is when black is used in the masks texture to define untinted areas. In this case I added all channels together and inverted the result, thus giving me white instead of black as shown here for Alex shoes :

At the end of the day this is useful in order to test things without having to cook and load up the game ... but the overall look is still quite a bit different, as SFV seems to be using a slight toon effect for shading. Regardless, I hope this helps ! I personally wish I had looked into that earlier :)
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