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Okay I have found the culprit behind RMika's Rainbow Typhoon issue. Got really tired trying to figure it out so I won't show some images now but it's happening because of Blender's FBX exporter messing up the armature by adding an additional "Armature" named bone at the top of bone hierarchy, it's useless and disturbs the entire hierarchy, the actual parent bone is "b_C_Base" but for some reason Blender's FBX export makes "b_C_Base" child of "Armature" which results is this issue.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get around this in UE4, I first tried to import Max's FBX to get the correct skeleton then Blender's FBX to get the mesh (deleted the wrong skeleton) then tried to assign the correct skeleton to mesh but it gives an error of unable to merge bones due to missing "Armature" bone in correct skeleton while the name being present in mesh.

I also tried to mess around with almost every FBX export option but to no avail, it still adds that bone. Finally found this good post which suggests to roll back to Blender 2.74 and that fixed the issue.


This issue is also discussed in other places, like Unity Engine also causing problems because of this extra bone.

Now this might be affecting all the mods produced from Blender so far in some way but I hope we won't face any visible issue like this...


1. Will try adding 2.74's FBX plugin to 2.77a, this way we might get a correct FBX exporter with version 2.77a.

2. Will update my mods during this weekend.


You must be using Max to produce your mods ? if not then please share your FBX export settings, I checked your mesh uasset in hex and it doesn't have the "Armature" bone in it that's why it's working fine, all affected mods (mine and bloody rain's) have this armature bone and as soon as I re-exported mine correctly, they started to work fine so either your Blender is old or you're using Max or maybe there is a setting in FBX exporter that avoid adding extra bone though I tried pretty much every option so I am not sure.

Anyway I am glad a solution is discovered, there was a burden on my head because of this :stress: ;bsod:

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