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I welcome you all to the "Laura has free flowing hair" mod!
Ever wondered what Laura would look like if the other half of her hair wasn't braided?
Well look no further and enjoy this wonderfully simple mod :love:

Her luscious hair doesn't just extend to her normal outfit! Oh no my friends, it extends . . . To Story
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My god Look at that sensual hair
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So if you want to install this mod just download the link below and put the two folders numbered 01 and 02 into Laura's' Skelmesh. If that sounds confusing just look at this If you have Steam:

If you don't have the Chara folder then I recommend you go here and read all about it.

I would put it into a Pak file however I'm new to modding and literally don't know how to do it. If someone wants to pm me how to do it or send me to a place where I can do it just let me know and I'll try and get on it.

Obviously this mod isn't perfect, there's clipping in places and probably in odd spots you'll still see some of her braids but come on guys . . . dat hair tho.

Okay a mountain of text later and here we are the Download Link,Mods, let me know if I've done anything wrong.

I hope you guys enjoy the mod and have fun. Thank you for your time.

Click here now

Edit: Added Pak File Click Here

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