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Character Modding Resource Pack Vol 1 By BrutalAce

Hi guys,

I was working on this from some time, it was horribly boring to do this but I can see that it's one of the biggest hurdle for new modders so it was necessary.

This pack contains all SFV characters so far in FBX format. The PSK file was extracted using latest version of Gildor's tool and then FBX was extracted from that PSK using 3DSMax 2016.

What's cool about this pack is the fact that every FBX in this also has all correct material names assigned so you don't have to go through the hassle of renaming them and worrying about any mistakes happening during that process, additionally I also extracted the models in both inches and centimeters.

To be honest I have created my mods using inches and I cannot notice any difference in game, if it's there it's so negligible that there is nothing you can notice, Unclefestor's models were also extracted in inches and there are no problems in mods created with those FBX files but still modders who prefer centimeters can go in centimeters folder and get their models from there though for some reason models with centimeters have larger meshes compared to skeletons (not aligned), maybe it's like that with centimeters but I am not sure.

Finally character code + name is used for folders so you can easily browse through them. I think this pack is going to be very helpful for both new and experienced modders.

Happy modding !

NOTE1: Any character with APEX Clothing will loose clothing information just like Chunli's Battle Dress.

NOTE2: With new characters, costumes etc I will keep updating this pack.

NOTE3: I tried importing few FBX in Blender and they appear to be fine but let me know if you find any issue with these models.



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