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SFV - Modding Discussion Thread; Exactly what it says.
Topic Started: Feb 16 2016, 07:51 AM (532,173 Views)

i might have picked the wrong page for this question but with so many great mods and they mostly come out for costume slot C1 or C2 i think the tool that puts mod costumes in color slots similar to the one for dead or alive last round that places mod costumes in i think "version" or was it "hair" slot would also be great for street fighter 5 i have hard time deciding which mod to use and not everyone specifies for which costume slot the mod is made
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can anyone please tell me which pak file contains characters profile pictures? These ones: http://www.sfgalleries.net/art/sf5/sf5/profiles/
Everything I find on the internet is already heavily compressed in jpg format. I want to remove background from these images and upscale them with filters, so I need to extract these pictures in raw format directly from game files.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi i am looking for a way to unlock all the paid costumes for free, asi dont want to spend 120+ dollars on costumes, but some are kinda cool. if there is a way, please tell me. if i need a crack, please link me to it [crack only i dont want to redownload the entire game]
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