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SFV - Mod Tutorials WIP
Topic Started: Feb 28 2016, 10:11 PM (37,862 Views)
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Dont post in this thread unless you have permission from the administrator.

Its a WIP for now.

How to swap characters - moddah
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How to use ModManager - Fluffyquack

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Character Codes - moddah
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How to swap costumes - moddah
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How to unpack .pak files

How to inject dds in hex editor - moddah
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How to change costume colors
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How to add/edit mesh - TerryXX

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How to add mesh in blender 2.76 from an .obj WIP

Import the donor first for example A36_01.FBX ( Get rid of lamp, cube, camera )

Hit view and select left

Hit R on your keyboard to rotate and type 90 and hit enter

Hit S and type 0.0254 hit enter

Now the Donor is aligned

Import the object or mesh ( .obj )

Align the object with the donor so it matches

Go to the materials tab and hit the plus icon and then new

Rename the material according to your character ( CM_A36_01_Bag )

Drag the object into the armature it will show: drop set parent

Select with empty groups

Select donor (A36_01) and keep it pressed and select the object we are rigging

Now on the bottom left it says Object Mode hit that and select weight paint

On the left side below weight tools it should say transfer weights hit that

Some options appear below the transfer weights

Look for source and select by name

Then destination select all layers

Now hit transfer weights again

Go to the object on the right side and select it

Go to data ( left side of the materials icon )

You should see some bone options below scroll up or down and see if your item got weights ( it will show colors on the blue colored object )

If you see green and red colors then you successfully added weights to it

Also while your in the data options rename UVMAP (double click) to UVChannel_1

Now go to object mode

Select the donor and hit shift and select the rigged object

Hit CTRL J to join the mesh

Now we are ready for export

Select armature and shift select A36_01

Hit S on your keyboard and type 0.3937008

Now export and now its ready for UE4

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