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Killing yourself to live
Topic Started: Sep 1 2015, 12:08 AM (79 Views)
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Family Man
Death is a natural - perhaps even the most natural - part of life. You could even say that death and life are really the same, since they go hand in hand.

- But death is also the hardest thing for humans to accept. Humans fear death - and strangely enough, they will excuse this fear with love of life.

This is inaccurate, though, as most people can only be said to 'love' life, when it doesn't remind them of their own inevitable demise. And since death is really ingrained in life, they only love life insofar as it doesn't remind them of life.

The origin of endless distraction: To be alive, and yet to fear anything that reminds one of the fact.

For most, what they imagine to be love of life is really the only thing, that stands in the way of actually loving life. For life is love - and this love is freely available for any and all that are alive. It is, in essence, everything.

And yet, most try to run away from that, which is, in essence, everything.

The origin of anxiety: To be love, and yet to imagine love to be anything but what one is. Mind and body trying to go out of themselves, in search of something that is truly impossible to find, because it cannot exist as anything but a vague imagination.

- Of course, the mind cannot grasp these things, because it operates in symbols, and thus imagines that it is really all about something else.

The hardest thing to accept is also the biggest, most obvious thing in the world.
Acceptance can only be reached through honesty, and sincerity.
It is not within your power to change.
You are within the power of it.
Life. Death.
Let it go.

It's got nothing to do with you.
And yet it is here, for you to enjoy, in the way that only you can enjoy it while you are still you.

You seize it by letting go: The origin of paradox.

Mystery: The origin of all origins, beyond beginning and end, life and death, ever present yet sometimes obscured, but only obscure to itself, for its own mysterious ends and beginnings.
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To reach Spiritual Enlightenment, it is indeed necessary to "kill yourself".
The process of shutting down the mind, is - to the ego - suicide. It will stop at nothing to survive.
Which is why so very few ever achieve enlightenment; it's just too terrifying.

Fortunately, for those very few who do transcend their own terror, and continue on, past the gates of death, the death they embrace is only an illusion, and while they are able to return to living, they are forever changed by their rebirth.

"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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