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Intel vs. AMD processors.
Topic Started: Mar 8 2016, 05:03 PM (78 Views)
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I used to swear by AMD processors. They were the only ones I ever used.
This, I later realized, was mainly because Intel processors were far more expensive than their AMD counterparts, and being poor, I naturally moved towards what I could most readily afford.
Then one day I bought a Mac Mini, which contained an Intel dual core processor. I was astonished! What a difference! Such speed...

I moved on from there, to build an Intel-based PC, using an i3-2100, dual core, with two additional virtual cores. Wow. Things were looking up.
It was almost fast enough to play Skyrim at max settings, so...

My latest home-built machine has an Intel i5-3570k, and 16Gb memory, along with a Radeon HD-7770 graphics card, and finally, Skyrim does its lovely thing.
The i5 has four cores, and can be overclocked to around 4GHz, per core, which is some serious power. Only the graphics card could be improved upon, although it's plenty speedy enough for my uses.

So now, with the experience to make comparisons, I have to say that Intel is head and shoulders above and beyond anything AMD currently has.
Even the latest AMD chips are reputedly far slower than their competition, while continuing to make more excess heat, which never did anybody any good, anyway.
Except: I could heat my room, in winter, with the last AMD processor I had: a single core Athlon Thunderbird 2.7GHz.
I couldn't even use it in summer; it would overheat and crash.

The big guys may be a dubious bunch, but there is usually a reason they are the big guys.
Like Microsoft: they sell more stuff to more people, because people want to buy what they are selling.
Intel is now in that league, too, and whether you love them or loathe them, their stuff is certainly very good indeed.
Edited by crow, Mar 8 2016, 05:05 PM.
"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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A friend who works at a pc repair shop is constantly ranting about the inferiority of AMD cpu's.
They have a lifespan of about two years he says, before they fail completely and become high tech paperweights.
We live in the tropics, pretty close to the sun, not a good environment for hot running hardware. Add in latent failures due to cost saving quality assurance practice and you get... angry, opinionated pc repair guys.

His criticism didn't extend to AMD gpu's, different companies or some such.

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