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Smoking: the good, the bad, the ugly.
Topic Started: Aug 25 2017, 02:36 PM (91 Views)
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Smoking is a big deal. Many people still smoke, and most of them wish they didn't.
A complex subject, and one that bears investigation.

I don't smoke, but I did for far too many years. Quitting was impossible, until it suddenly became simple. And necessary.

Here's my tip for today:
If you vape (use an e-cigarette) make a point of not holding the gadget vertically. Saliva runs downhill into the mouthpiece and breeds unpleasant bacteria. Not good!

These gadgets take some getting used-to, even to get any taste out of them. Some maintenance, too. Better not to use them, really. Nothing but air is ever meant to enter the lungs. But if you must (and I currently do), spend a bit of time considering how best to do it.

Vertical=bad. Now you know.

Along other lines: some kinds of smoking are actually beneficial. Try this link for Lobelia.
Who'd have imagined smoking could even do you some good?
Here's some insight into why...

Edited by crow, Aug 25 2017, 03:14 PM.
"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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I'm increasingly running into a bizarre - but predictable - phenomenon in vape-stores. The language - if you can call it that - of vaping, and its associated hardware, is morphing into incomprehensible lingo, slang, and unintelligible noises, understood only by those who already know about it.
Salespeople - if you can call them that - have more in common with shady drug-dealers than with anybody you'd care to do business with, or look-to for information, and seem reliably temperamental and moody.
They reel off numbers, followed by something that sounds like "Ma", or "Maw", or "Muh..."
They speak, too, of some mystical thing called "sub'ome", and "cloud-chasing", leaving the newish customer completely baffled. Further, when the newish customer enquires as to what these things mean, they are met with scorn and derision, not to mention impatience and superciliousness.

Finally, I have deciphered these odd noises, to mean:
"Ma" = a shorthand abbreviated term for Milliamps, or Milliamperes, meaning current drawn from the battery.
"Sub-Ohm" = a custom made heating coil with an electrical resistance of less than one Ohm.
"Cloud-Chaser" = a dolt who vapes purely to impress onlookers with the size and density of the fog generated around the vaper, often rendering the dolt completely invisible, and the onlooker astonished that anyone would do something so outlandish.

It's a whole subculture, this vaping thing, and no more welcoming to outsiders than a heroin-den.
Fortunately, there's the internet where one may buy things, although who knows what goes into the ejuices available.

The world of humans is a treacherous environment, to be sure.

"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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Can you speak about your personal experience with Lobelia (if any)?

I am a cigarette smoker and I really don't like being one, but seem unable to quit.
Edited by Simpleton, Dec 3 2017, 03:07 AM.
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