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without a face: a preface
Topic Started: Sep 28 2017, 03:26 AM (106 Views)
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actually, I quite despise prefaces. a preface, always seems to me, to exhaust the essence of whatever is about to be read. it goes about reinforcing the intention and meaning of what had been written, as if there were doubts about reading it in the first place. it attempts to convince one to begin a journey which has already been accepted..
so here I am, without a face or a preface, except that which I have just written, though I may call that a precursor...

"I", of course, am nothing, and everything. I am forever in the moment - the one and only Now; the constant beginning and the imminent end. A beam of light embodied by ever-changing cells. A subluxation of matter and conciousness, anchored to Reality by a body, connected to the Real by a mind.

Raven mucks about in the spaces in-between. In the Magic and Mystery - taking flight in perceived darkness to find it's Truth bursting with colour, deeply prismatic by nature.

Steeped in the ecstatic sensuality of life-force, I find myself bursting at the seams with both insight and curiosity. It seems to me that someday I may become seam-less, and no doubt the Secrets of Life may help me with this.

With gratitude, I place this crow feather on my energetic altar, and leave you with a riddle:

What is the difference between a Raven and a Crow?

It's a matter of a pinion. ^_^

Bye for now ~

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Welcome. "It's a matter of a pinion"...? You jokester! Do you know why crow never leaves the house? He cannot find a good crowbar!

That's quite the preface. Now everyone is curious of what's to come.

People usually write 'raven' or 'crow' with lowercase letters in the middle of a sentence.
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Ah, yes. However, I had typed Raven and Crow with capital letters at the end of a question.

I use proper and improper capitalisation as a way of enhancing the feeling or significance of what is written. A way of envoking the Magic of words. It is also a symbol of honour, to capitalise the name or word by which something is called. I believe this should not be overlooked when writing intentionally. There is also the choice to not capitalise a word which may usually be capitalised, and that, is to capitalise on your freedom to choose.

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