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Religion of the Samurai
Topic Started: Nov 1 2017, 01:19 PM (43 Views)
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Hi I am reading this old book and some of the language is a bit arcane but there are many great examples like this one:

"Zen is based on the highest spiritual plane attained by Shakya Muni himself. It can only be realized by one who has attained the same plane. To describe it in full by means of words is beyond the power even of Gotama himself. It is for this reason that the author of Lankavatara-sutra insists that Shakya Muni spoke no word through his long career of forty-nine years as a religious teacher, and that of Mahaprajnyaparamita-sutra also express the same opinion.
The Scripture is no more nor less than the finger pointing to the moon of Buddhahood. When we recognize the moon and enjoy its benign beauty, the finger is of no use. As the finger has no brightness whatever, so the Scripture has no holiness whatever. The Scripture is religious currency representing spiritual wealth. It does not matter whether money be gold, or sea-shells, or cows. It is a mere substitute. What it stands for is of paramount importance.
Away with your stone-knife! Do not watch the stake against which a running hare once struck its head and died. Do not wait for another hare. Another may not come for ever. Do not cut the side of the boat out of which you dropped your sword to mark where it sunk. The boat is ever moving on.
The Canon is the window through which we observe the grand scenery of spiritual nature. To hold communion directly with it we must get out of the window. It is a mere stray fly that is always buzzing within it, struggling to get out. Those who spend most of their lives in the study of the Scriptures, arguing and explaining with hair-splitting reasonings, and attain no higher plane in spirituality, are religious flies good for nothing but their buzzing about the nonsensical technicalities. It is on this account that Rin-zai declared: 'The twelve divisions of the Buddhist Canon are nothing better than waste paper.'"
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The paradox of language.
The thing most worthy of communication to those who don't know of it, is incommunicable via language.
I've decided to satisfy myself with delivering the news that Spiritual Enlightenment is possible, and that it does, indeed, exist.
The receiver of this communication may either take it, or leave it; investigate it further, or not.
I've discovered, I suppose, how unimportant I am, to any of it.

Edited by crow, Nov 1 2017, 03:13 PM.
"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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Maybe in todays environment it is all you could do. I know, as I was one of those who thought and sometimes stated that it was just another religion with some different hocus pocus meant to pull the punters in.

What a shock to find out it is real and attainable in this life!
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crow has been very generous and friendly but if I hadn't met him I would still have been searching. Maybe it would have been slower or more difficult but I've been searching since I was 18 and in another way my entire life. By the looks of it no master was ever able to do much to help people attain enlightenment but it's still good to be around them.

The only samurai that I know of is the legendary Musashi. He wrote a book known as 'The book of the five rings'. It probably suffers from poor translations but the interested could look into it. The value for the seeker isn't entirely clear, following the reasoning of the last paragraph, but it's probably a very interesting book :-).
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