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Spirituality in different ages.
Topic Started: Nov 6 2017, 03:34 AM (25 Views)
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When I was younger the prospect of enlightenment and the journey towards it was a new world opening up for me. Society offered me many things but they were not things that I wanted for myself. They were things that other people wanted and I was expected to want the same things as them. I was dying out of boredom and looking for something worthwhile when something interesting appeared. It was 'spirituality' and it presented itself as an opportunity to become more, or maybe less, than I had been if I was willing to go for it. This was what it was all about, this was the adventure and the challenge that I had sought in life that modern life didn't offer me. It was something that had to be earned and that couldn't be given. Something of value. But how would I make it? It was a dead thing, this 'spirituality', extinct like a dinosaur. It didn't align itself with modern times, so I'd have to abandon modern times or it would not be possible. This was a difficult situation, I had no survival training so how would I survive if I abandoned the modern world? Everyone would think me crazy to abandon my future, my possibilities to become a respectable professional and to have the white picket fence and all of that only for the slight possibility of making way spiritually. Obviously I kept it all to myself. Then I met crow and he was a very encouraging presence, having done a whole lot of living and surviving. I set out on my own path, learning to survive and seeking, just seeking.

That was in my early twenties. Approaching thirty it's a little different. It's not the adventure nor the seeking that it once was. I know about what I'm seeking and how to do it - it's enough, I don't want to know any more. In these years I have become set in my perception of what is ugly in this world. Circumstances have it that I have to wait a little, but this time around it is time for me to discipline myself.

Spirituality is a changing thing, because it is a living thing if it comes from you, as a part of you, and not some scripture. Can you come to terms with where life is taking you, right now?
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You must pay for it with your very life, and take it on faith that anything like a fair-trade will occur.
Progress is guaranteed, but actual Enlightenment is an all-or-nothing deal.
And hand-in-hand with success, is the intimidating fact that there's absolutely no way back.

"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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