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Is there any reason...?
Topic Started: Nov 11 2017, 02:28 PM (27 Views)
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An example question: "Why did Hillary lose the election?"
-Who could say?

Some answers are more relevant than others. But many explanations are but conjecture to try and explain something that is a mystery to the understanding of the given person. Their having an understanding of the world prevents them from accepting what is happening in the world.

The people that ask questions like the above probably don't have a clue and sometimes decent people try and help them out by offering their own observations. But such singular observations cannot convince anyone due to its unique nature - everyone gives their own answer. Perhaps no one knows, although they may have some reason that they assert - a belief that ties it all together, for them.

Some observations and explanations catches on and somehow popular notions form that people buy into and so they form different groups. Most answers come from the analyzers themselves. They seem the most desperate for understanding.

People specialize in explaining things, in giving reasons as to explain some event, but hearing so much speculation you've got to be put off by the hypothesizing of people. So is there ever any reason(for anything)?

There are answers which are relevant, so they make for relevant reasons to act. The fire that burned down the building did not start by itself, but maybe it did, but if there was a cause it might be good to know about it to prevent it from happening again.

There are reasons for you, as there are for everybody else, although those reasons differ. So why did she lose? I have no clue and I don't care. But if I had to answer I wouldn't be answering the question asked but simply state that she's an old crone. Hillary herself probably gives a plethora of reasons in her book 'What happened?'.

I already did a bit of questioning and answering, but you're welcome to tag along.
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Humans like reasons. It gets them into all kinds of trouble. But observation serves far better, if one can satisfy oneself with that...
Clinton lost.
Clinton lost against Trump.
Clinton chose to compete with Trump.
Clinton can not win against Trump.
Compete with Trump, and if you're Clinton, you will lose.

What are the reasons for this?
What does it matter?
It doesn't.

"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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If you offer only observations people begin to demand that you give them reasons. I try not to give reasons because when I do people attempt to shoot them down. If they can overturn my reasons, they reason, then I won't have any argument and so I'll have to do as they say. But when I don't give people a reason they begin to demand one. You can't win :). Because to them it's an argument.

Imagine the freedom of being free from reasons. You don't need a single one! You can do anyways.
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