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Who are you, anyway?
Topic Started: Dec 3 2017, 02:09 PM (49 Views)
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In order to make any real spiritual progress, it is necessary to thoroughly demolish the 'you' that has failed.
Contrary to popular 'new-age' gobbledygook, you are not wonderful just the way you are.
If you were, you'd have little interest in the spiritual.
So you already know this, at least subconsciously.

Often, people delve a little into spirituality, and manage to invert it into its opposite.
It isn't something that can be simply added to the already failing 'you'.
The 'you' must be removed, temporarily leaving nothing, that a healthy 'you' can take root and flourish.
This is why ego must be rooted out and dispensed-with.

Who you think you are, leaves little room for who you actually are.

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"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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Family Man
To acknowledge a feeling of inferiority within one self, and to accept it, is a necessary starting point for the purging of any and all actual inferiority.

True greatness can only emerge from the not-so-great. That is, after all, what makes greatness great. Duh.

Alchemically speaking, you’ll never turn lead into gold, if you refuse to acknowledge that the lead isn’t gold to begin with.
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