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Topic Started: Dec 25 2017, 10:48 PM (66 Views)
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I discovered a streaming video site today, and managed to make it through Dunkirk even though my internet connection is too slow for streaming.
With its many technical errors and somewhat shoddy continuity, still the movie managed to leave me teary-eyed and transported.
Elgar's Nimrod formed much of the musical score, in a very slowed-down and dreamy rendering. A moving symphony, indeed.
I felt the great loss of what was once my country, and the countless lives lost to save it, only to have treacherous politicians give it all away in current times.

Oh well. Nothing stays the same.

"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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I am looking forward to watching it. My elder half-brothers father was killed there, machine-gunned in the water after the ship he got into was bombed and sank.

The first world war killed off the ideals and the cream of England and the second world war destroyed any bits that were left. The work, those who returned from the second war did is what built the world we have lived off for the last 70 years. It has all morphed into minority issues, getting on pensions and work avoidance.
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My grandfather was a US Army Infantryman during WWII, he was airborne in the invasion of Normandy, and his discharge papers tell he was previously involved in the Aleutian Islands Campaign. I keep a picture of him by my nightstand.

I can't help to feel that all his efforts were in vain.
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