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Mind says, human does?
Topic Started: Dec 28 2017, 02:29 PM (56 Views)
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Do you do what you say that you'll do?

Maybe it's a little strange to divide a human this way, but the head can say one thing and some other part of us may 'say' something else. The head can make the decision that it's time to stop drinking because the mind changes easily. So the human promises to change, it promises itself, it promises others and it promises the world. Maybe the human is lying but then again it may very well intend to follow through. It may very well want to follow through and yet it finds itself unable to push that change. Even if there is a mental change in attitude it is not very long until the desire arises, any desire, and whatever the mind said an hour or a day ago suddenly doesn't hold any authority any longer. The other parts of us will not change just because the head had a change of mind. In the end the mind may find itself beaten and revert to letting the body go after whatever it desires no matter the cost.

The mind has very little authority. People go with whatever they desire because people are essentially addicts. You have to be involved with all of your being when you decide to do something. If your head says to stop drinking, or maybe it's an ultimatum coming from your doctor or your daughter, while you yourself want to drink then nothing is gonna happen.

Humans excel at telling lies and making promises that they don't keep and oftentimes they don't even intent to keep them. It's because, or partly because, there is this disconnect between what you think and what your desire and the mind changes more easily. Humans seem to prefer making promises rather than dealing with their issues. Saying that they will give up on something that they desire but never facing and overcoming those desires, and only making a shift in mental attitude.

So when we go at our new years resolutions, whatever they might be, let us do it with all our mind and all our heart and all our body. Otherwise... you might as well give up in advance and save yourself some trouble!
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