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The nature of Tao.; Daoism.
Topic Started: Jan 10 2018, 10:23 AM (70 Views)
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'Chapter 14.'
What is the Tao?
Look, and it can not be seen.
Listen, and it can not be heard.
Reach, and it can not be grasped.
Above, it is not bright.
Below, it is not dark.
Form that includes all forms,
image without an image,
subtle, beyond all conception.
Approach it and there is no beginning.
Follow it and there is no end.

You can not know it, but you can be it.
Comfortable in your own life.
Just realize this is where you came from:
Tao. The essence of all and ever.

The discussion the other day had me realize that for all practical purposes the Tao is really emptiness. You can see a tree, smell it's flowers, imagine it dead and feel sad about this. But you cannot see, smell, think nor feel the Tao. IF you can, you're unaware that you're doing it.
Sights - not it,
smells -not it,
thoughts - not it,
feelings - still not it. The only thing that remains is that impalpable nothingness.

The seeker does not know what the Tao is. He only knows what it is not from recognizing all the phenomenon for what they are. Unless it turns out, in the end, that the Tao really is some or all of those things by another name.

Tao is 'mystery'. It is up to us whether or not we dive into it.
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Tao is The Source of all manifestations. The manifestations must be dispensed with, in order to perceive, appreciate, be it.
Until this is achieved, all one is able to perceive are the mind-interpretations of the manifestations. Phantoms.
We can get by just fine with only the phantoms, but for some, it is imperative that we may gaze upon their Source.

"Squawk!" said the crow, and then made space.
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I wonder what makes some happy with the 'phantoms' and others wish to gaze upon the source?
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Maybe they're ignorant of the source/have never had a spiritual experience.
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