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Mistakes of the brain.
Topic Started: Jan 10 2018, 11:01 AM (32 Views)
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I make certain mistakes. Mistakes in my reasoning in particular. I miss certain things. I shall attempt to describe it below.

I find that I've gotten better and better with recognizing that I'm missing something over the years, and then after a duration I am usually able to solve the problem. It is just like another part of my brain fill in the answer that was incomplete before. It fills in what I couldn't solve with my reasoning alone. Maybe you've noticed the same thing?

One very important example of this is that I can be very critical. This can make me quite mean. But today it doesn't go as far, as often anymore, and whenever it happens I remain 'slyly aware' that I might have done something inappropriate. As the anger subsides another part of me realizes that even though I was right or mostly right, I was nevertheless wrong to act so aggressive. Maybe I realize that it didn't help, or that I have to let a few things slide for whatever reason. I likely feel uneasy to go with it. As a result I've mellowed quite a bit.

Another example is that despite having arrived at a perfectly logical answer to some question, I quickly begin to see that that answer is only half-right. It is missing something. And it is only after somehow letting myself arrive at a new answer that it becomes a complete answer.

There is a few other as well.

My brain, it would seem, has a preference. It thinks in particular ways. It has certain skills. But as I've aged I faster arrive to understand where I fall short as a result of my particular brain-wiring. Then I can compensate for it. Let in other parts of the brain to make me more all-round.

I don't know if you recognize anything like this within yourselves but to me it's a noteworthy observation.
Edited by Oscar, Jan 10 2018, 11:03 AM.
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