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Some of my Adventures; thoughts from an old man
Topic Started: Jan 18 2018, 03:47 PM (73 Views)
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I am going over some of the crazy stuff I did as a teenager into 20's and thought you might get a laugh at how stupid a person can get to be!

At the age of 22, I went rock climbing in Wales for a week. I had done a fair amount of climbing on trees and the sandstone rocks around where I grew up and I liked heights. The week went well then the weather turned a bit nasty so the instructor said those who wanted to go for a hike up Mount Snowden then that was OK but be back by 4pm. He said to me "I am doing some training for the '3 peaks run, would you like to come?' this race was quite famous in the 60's as you run up and down 3 large peaks including Mt Snowdon.

I guess he knew I was pretty fit as I played 1st grade rugby. We hiked up to where the tourists walk around the edge of the mountain. He explained that we were going to do a skree decent, this is small rocks broken off by ice and cold that lay in cascades going down the sides of mountains.

He then climbed a pillar of rock about 3m (9ft) high and hopped from that one to another and told me to come up. Now we are hopping from rock top to rock top above the tourists with a 2-300m (1000ft) drop on both sides. The tourists were amazed at us.

Then the real adventure started, he started running from rock to rock and I (like a fool) followed him.

At the end of a big curve he jumped over the side of the mountain and as he was about 100m in front of me I could see he was travelling down the mountainside in a roller skating type motion. So without thinking, I jumped too. It was like flying with your feet barely on the ground and we descended the 300m in less than a minute. At the bottom, you ran off in a cartoon-like run where your legs are making huge steps and it is very easy to lose your balance and fall over on all the broken rock at the bottom.

Looking back up Mt Snowdon I could not believe what I had just done and looking back today I am still amazed that I did it.

Note: The instructor, I found out later, was a danger freak and was the only person to climb a 70m high, large cave in Cornwall in the western part of the UK. I heard that he climbed it upside down in a rope manoeuvre called a 'cats cradle' BUT just behind him the metal spikes he had hammered in to hold him were falling out as the limestone was not holding them for long. So he could not slow down and all those watching him were certain he was going to die!
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Bloody hell Ardy.
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