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Tips for meditation.
Topic Started: Apr 3 2018, 07:20 AM (124 Views)
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Add a tip for other people if you like.

I'm starting off with something that sometimes happens on it's own with me.

Imagination/visualization: Imagine your brain. Then, as you meditate, see how it shuts down to a restful state. You have a thought here, or another thought there, and as you silence each part of the brain at last you see just a brain in a restful state. And a body too, in a restful state. Silent, empty, quietly humming. No activity. Wherever you look there is no-activity. But begin watching the brain.

What starts off as imagination becomes seeing into yourself. This is a trick that you could find helpful.
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A great tip I learnt about getting into 'it' is to be aware of your eyes and when they stop their tiny movements your brain is calm and ready for meditation.
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Stillness is the Fulcrum/Source of all motion/experience.

Continuity of Awareness. Watch every second. Awareness of all motion and its source Stillness; simultaneously.

Two directions.

1.,Concentrated will. Action. Thought. Doing. Motion. Matter. Form. Experience. Creation. Contraction. Expression of Stillness. Something is happening. Thus it is conditioned. Life. Inhale.

2. Relinquishing. Expansion. Not doing. Letting go. Towards Stillness. Direction of Death. Discharge. Unconditional Love. Exhale.

Every phenomena is either charging to express Life or discharging to return to Death.

All knowing comes from Source. Everything emerges from Stillness. All answers are in Stillness. Soul is sourced in stillness. Home of Truth, Love, Inspiration.

Relinquish control to know.
Then act. Create experience. Will inspiration into form.
Do not think unless you know what you're thinking about.
Knowing comes from Stillness.

Choose what you need this moment.
Create what you know or seek Stillness to know.
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