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Defining your definition
Topic Started: Jul 14 2018, 03:12 AM (56 Views)
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(I realize this is my introduction post, and this wasn't very introducing. Those who know me won't need an introduction, and those who does not know me, are free too decipher what they will from this post. It all depends on your level of awareness, as if often the topic in this forum.)

Those we associate with we carry a piece of in our souls.

I am not certain if it was hate, love, mutual satisfaction or mutual exploitation, but I do know that it was not indifference. In this kind of relationship, indifference is an impossibility.

I am talking about a dear, old friend, of course, who some of you know, others don't and some won't know as I know.

Hate and love is not so different after all. To hate or to love you have, in some sense, care about the other person.

So we do care.

If we want to or not.

If we care to care or care not to care (so to speak).
It's better to burn out
Than to fade away..... Love
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Hate or anger are things you have. Love is something you give.
Is this a alt account? Welcome (back?) To the forum.

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Hi KoRDoX: Good to see you back. Hate and love are opposites, if you carry the idea that you hate this and love that, like this and dislike that, you have most probably already signed the 'I don't want no fancy enlightenment' pledge.

BTW I think this is true of many opposites but 'front and back' are hardly an impediment to enlightenment. As Hui Neng says: " In all circumstances, we should free ourselves from attachment to objects, and our attitude towards them should be neutral and indifferent. Let neither success nor failure, neither profit nor loss, worry us. Let us be calm and serene, modest and accommodating, simple and dispassionate."
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