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Sky Dragon is up and running. We need people to sign up and add content. Introduce yourself at the General discussion forum. Speak up to welcome a few others, start a thread, or contribute to someone else's thread.

Sky Dragon discussion board FAQ

What's this all about?

This is a discussion forum intended to support discussions and debate about climate.

Who runs this board?

The board was set up on December 2, 2011, by Chris Ho-Stuart. It has no other official backing, but as time goes by I hope there will be more people taking an interest and taking some ownership of the board by active engagement and contributions.

Why is it called Sky Dragon?

Sky Dragon is an evocative phrase for the atmosphere's effect on climate. In ancient Chinese legend, dragons ruled weather, especially water related weather like rain and clouds. There's a slightly longer explanation in the forum topic The name "Sky Dragon".

Who can I trust on climate questions?

There's no easy answer to that. I suggest you just keep learning about the subject and decide for yourself.

Who do you trust on climate questions?

The board owner tends to trust the larger scientific community. The simplest way to place me within the heated public debates is to note that I consider the IPCC assessment reports, especially the WG1 report, to be a good summary of the state of the science; albeit a few years out of date because of the nature of how they are put together.

This is not a board policy, however. The question asks about me personally, and my personal view is not an official standard for the board.

Nuts and Bolts

Can I put an image in a post?

Yes. There is an image tag which allows you to include an image using a link to an external file. Please be careful of copyright issues. Also, don't include very large images; they distort display of a topic for other readers.

You can also attach a file to your post, and then use the image tag with a link to your attached file. This will require you to edit your post, and if you find a better way to do it, let us know.

Can I subscribe to threads?

Yes. In the forum view or topic view there is a small clickable link down on the bottom right of the page which you can use to subscribe to a forum, or a topic. You can find a list of your current subscriptions by clicking on "Preferences" right at the top of the page. Not the submenus in the drop down list; but the word "Preferences" at the top.You may need to scroll down to the list of tracked topics