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"We've been using 364 W/m2 on the dwarf planet (calculated in post #6 of this thread). At least, that is what I have been using, and I think it is straightforward. There have been no objections to it so far."
oh you right I was thinking in morning again.
I must stop doing that
dwarf has 1/28th surface area of earth, and nuclear reactor
making 1/28th power earth receives from sun.

But of course dwarf being smaller would receive less sunlight at earth distance as compared to larger Earth.
But if dwarf was at Mars distance, it should warmer than Mars is- meaning it wouldn't
get as cold at nite.
And Earth would get colder at night than it does, if was similar to Mars atmosphere- or 1/100th it's atmosphere.

So, you think the earth heat capacity adds nothing and only greenhouse gases will make up the 33 C.

The original reason why I started that post [and got distracted] was the idea was to have dwarf at 10 C.
So atmosphere plus greenhouse gases equals 10 C.
So should subtract however much warmer greenhouse gases are going to add.
So instead having it at 10 C it should be at 10 minus 33 or -23 C.

Btw one reason I "liked" your number of 6,580,000 Gigawatts is "dealt with" low cooling rate better
than my guess 200,000 Gigawatts. It would meant instead 24 hours to cool 1 C, with 200,000 GigaWatts it would have taken weeks to cool 1 C. Or one day to cool 1 C was more believable than weeks to do this.
But if one calculates amount gigawatts to warm to -23 C, it's going to be less than 6,580,000 Gigawatts and have longer period to cool 1 C.
At -23 C it would take longer to cool, but I suppose if at 10 C it might cool faster- not sure how, but maybe somehow.

Edit: well maybe CO2 cools planet but also warms it- it robs from heat capacity.
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