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We've been using 364 W/m2 on the dwarf planet...
If we boosted the Dwarf planet to 15C (which we have been taking as Earth's representative temperature), then the energy requirement for Dwarf would be 391 W/m^2....
The Earth is heated by 240 W/m2.

Dwarf: 1200 km radius. 18 million sq km. 1.8 x 10^13 square meters
364 W/m2. Total power:6.58 x 10^15 watts

Earth: 6378 km radius. 511 million sq km. 5.1 x 10^14 square meters
240 W/m2. Total power: 1.2 x 10^17 watts

End review and try something new.
Suppose instead dwarf heating entire planet at one time it heats in sequence 4 sectors, each section ran for 6 hours- each sector having 18 hours of downtime. And this roughly imitates earth and gives lots of a maintenance time, each of the sector will supply 6.58 x 10^15 watts which will providing 1456 watts per square meter. 364 W/m2 maintains 10 C. Each time the section start it will be cooler than it ended in last shift, but it adding 1092 watts per square meter of added heat during it's 6 hr shift.
The sector adjacent to sector staring it's shift will warmest section, and heat will be flowing from that sector before the coldest shift begins. As the coldest section warms it will flow heat to next sector to begins it's shift.
This could add stability to atmosphere. Analogous to easier to ride a bike which is moving.
And difference in heat from coldest to warmest is 1 or 2 degrees and difference isn't as much as there is on earth.

Oh, I see posted, with tungsten planet. :)
I was planning posting about something else, but got sidetracked with idea of imitating earth's day and night.
And I said earlier " Plus at 1/10th pressure, the sky isn't so high." It doesn't lower very much- something like less 10 km, and was figure that out. But probably quicker to load this Excel program you made.
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