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Chris Ho-Stuart
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Dec 11 2011, 01:46 AM
But probably quicker to load this Excel program you made.
I'd very much appreciate some feedback on whether you were able to unzip it and use it; and whether it's obvious or not how to use it!

Suggestions for additional features are welcome. Writing new features yourself is also great. I'm going to be extending the gas modeling to deal with CO2 instead of some hypothetical grey gas. The spreadsheet includes some liberal boiler plate for a license and copyright in the "readme" sheet. This lets you do almost anything you like with the spreadsheet as long as:

  • you don't sue me
  • you leave the copyright notice there when you are making other changes
  • you don't use my name without permission to promote anything you might develop from the spreadsheet

If people can stick to those obvious principles, then I encourage you and others to change it at will, use it anywhere, and share it with others.
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