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Writing new features yourself is also great. I'm going to be extending the gas modeling to deal with CO2 instead of some hypothetical grey gas.

So changing grey gas number isn't suppose change any values?

Download it and looked interesting I fiddle with a bit and didn't have problems.
I don't have any experience using excel
So I proved any idiot can do it:)
Don't know if I can do much de-bugging- I tried putting Venus in there and of course said required +16 thousand watts/meter surface emission- not too surprising it's wrong.
And not sure I used right perimeters.
What the cp/cv gamma?
Oh tried changing from .3 atm to .1 atm on dwarf and it didn't change height- should change it by
how high it requires a .3 atmosphere to go to get to .1 atm- so it should indicate somewhere as I said around 10 km difference.

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