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"Try this. Alter the value for gamma on the first sheet, using the Dwarf example. By default, it is 1.4. Try entering 1.32, and then 1.34, and observe the sudden change in the height of the tropopause. This is another indication I am on about the right track; this is a theoretically expected behaviour. "

Ok, so atmosphere lowers and requires more energy input.
I have no idea why. Can't remember what gamma is. This isn't heated by sunlight, but bond albedo- what surface is made of- should still a have affect- is that what gamma is.
If want lots people turning it knobs, maybe easy way to look definitions.
Ok look it up- does that mean if used helium or hydrogen [gases with high heat capacity] one lowers gamma. Oh, Hydrogen doesn't have high specific heat- but argon does. And Co2 is lower. Or does this have nothing to do gases and mainly with lapse rate?
Anyhow play around it bit
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