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Chris Ho-Stuart
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Sorry for the delay... I have been a bit busy. I still have not done the rather difficult conversion to a real gas, but I have updated the grey gas spreadsheet.

Here is the download link for Starship-v2.4.xls (version 2.4). Fixed up a bug or two, and added plots of the atmospheric profile. Here, for example, are the plots for the "earth-like" planet. (It isn't really very Earth-like, as the atmosphere is "grey"; but the optical depth has been chosen to give approximately an Earth-like surface temperature and emission to space.)

Plot of energy flows, temperature and pressure vs altitude.
Posted Image

Plot of energy flows, and temperature vs pressure. (Pressure as a percent of surface pressure)
Posted Image

The tropopause given this grey atmosphere is lower than for the real Earth.

Cheers -- Chris
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