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The name "Sky Dragon"
Topic Started: Dec 3 2011, 04:20 PM (220 Views)
Chris Ho-Stuart
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The phrase "Sky Dragon" was coined by the authors of a recent book, "Slaying the Sky Dragon". By the Sky Dragon, they mean the "Greenhouse Gas Theory", and the book is subtitled "Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory".

Without presuming any endorsement or criticism of the ideas in that book, I think "Sky Dragon" is an evocative phrase open to all kinds of perceptions. It might be:

  • the theory that human activity is causing global warming with greenhouse gas emissions -- a monstrous hoax perpetrated by certain climate scientists, and supported by junk science. (A mythical beast, defeated by heroes.)
  • the rise of global temperatures already here and threatening to continue and accelerate over this coming century -- a pending catastrophe that demands immediate action. (A fearsome beast bringing fire and destruction.)
  • the influence of our atmosphere generally on the planetary climate -- a crucial factor which maintains a livable temperature for us. (An awe inspiring beast of enormous power and wisdom).

Discussion of the book at Climate Etc, the blog of Judith Curry, continued for months and expanded to cover all kinds of issues. The comment stream of the blog was most unwieldy, and so I set up this forum to give a hopefully more convenient place to take the discussion. The name helps to maintain a bit of continuity with the blog discussion.

The discussion at climate etc which prompted me to set up the forum can be found at Slaying the Greenhouse Dragon. Part IV.

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