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How to use the IRC chatbox
Topic Started: Apr 22 2013, 03:11 AM (164 Views)
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Our chatbox uses internet relay chat, or IRC, to function. The easiest way to understand it is to get used to it. On this page, any command text listed in <angle braces> is required, whereas any command text listed in [square braces] is optional. The first thing you may wish to do is get your nickname reserved. To do this, go in the chatbox and hop on the nick you want to reserve. If it is not taken, you can type the following to claim it:
Code: Command usage, NickServ > Register
/ns register <password> <email>

This will send an email to the address specified. If you make a whoopsie, don't worry. The claim on the name will expire in 24 hours. If you do get the email, you will be given a command to enter in the IRC. This will tell EsperNet (the IRC host) that you are indeed a human and you will have dibs on that nickname. To log in you may use the "Log In To Services" checkbox on the front page of the IRC and enter in your password. Alternatively, you may enter it in with a command:
Code: Command usage, Nickserv > Indentify
/ns identify [username] <password>

Next thing you may wish to do is set the nickserv enforcement. This will make anyone trying to get into your account have to identify or they will be kicked off that nickname. It is rather easy to turn on.
Code: Command usage, Nickserv > Settings > Enforcement
/ns set enforce <off or on>

From there you should be ready to chat, but if you need clarification on something, type the following in-chat:
Code: Command usage, Nickserv > Help
/ns help <command>

Happy chatting!
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