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Welcome to NationStates; READ THIS FIRST
Topic Started: Aug 5 2014, 02:02 AM (774 Views)
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Think very carefully before you speak
Greetings new citizen,

First of all, welcome to NationStates, the nation simulation game where you, yes you can create your own nation and run it as you please. Will you rule democratically? Push for socialism? Perhaps you feel your citizens would be best under your direct care as their cruel yet loving dictator. The possibilities, quite frankly, are limitless!

Second, welcome to Spiritus! We are a user-created region, which means, unlike The North Pacific, The West Pacific, Osiris, and Balder which were created by NationStates itself, we were made my an actual player that serves as our founder. Because we have a founder, we're more secure than the game-created regions, so feel safe here as we are 100% impervious to attack by foreign invaders. Don't worry, that will be explained later.

Third, there's no "winning" or "losing" this game. It goes on forever which really is the best part! What makes NationStates so fun? Well, the playerbase has created an international stage in which every region stands on, participating (or not) in some way. Allow me to elaborate.

You can participate (or not) in one of a few ways:

1.) You can join the gameplayer (or GP for short) community, which deals in politics between regional governments as well as military matters. There's a lot involved in the GP world.

Yes, there is military gameplay here on NationStates. How does it work? Well there are 2 sides to this: Raiding and defending.

  • Raiding is when a group of World Assembly nations invade a region in an effort to take the delegacy from the native nations of the targeted region by gaining more endorsements than the native delegate. Some groups take it much further and hold regions, disrupting the native community and often forcefully removing them from their home region. This is a highly controversial, albeit popular mechanic of NationStates.
  • Defending is when nations enter a region in an effort to prevent raiders from taking control of a region. The existence of raiders has neccesated the existence of defending. We at Spiritus are firmly and strictly a defender region. We encourage you to join us in the effort to defend against Raiders. We at Spiritus have our own defender army to protect regions, The Spiritus Defense Force. You can join us here if you wish and we'll train you to be a professional defender in no time at all.
You can get involved without the politics or the fighting as well by writing for a regional newspaper. It has its own rewards, though writers are not without their critics either. You can write World Assembly (WA for short) proposals too. These take a lot of work and scrutiny just to reach the stage where it is seriously considered, but some people have a knack for it. World Assembly proposals, if they pass, affect every World Assembly nation in NationStates. Say you want to protect the environment, pass a new healthcare law or repeal previous legislation. Well, draft a professionally worded, well thought out proposal and submit it to The General Assembly subforum What if you feel a nation has done something great or terrible? Well, that's what The Security Council subforum is for. If someone has done something great, you can draft a proposal to commend their nation. If you feel someone has done something terrible then you can draft a proposal to condemn their nation. Keep in mind that all proposals must pass by majority vote, so your peers will also have a say in it. Do your best to sway their opinion, but keep it clean.

2.) You can join the roleplayer (or RP for short) community and roleplay in a region or on our forum here as something or someone from your favorite TV show, movie, videogame, etc. The list goes on.

3.) You can choose to not participate at all and remain stationary, answering issues, growing your nation and if you want, chatting on the regional message board (or RMB for short.) You can debate on the NationStates forum as well. There's a large variety of what you can debate on, just keep in mind that you must observe the rules, which are usually stickied in the forum itself.

Written by The Freedom Factory

Now that you have an idea of what NationStates is about, it's time to learn a little about how Spiritus' forums works. Just follow this link: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Spiritus/topic/30264433/
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