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Structure and Rules for the Vales of Anduin
Topic Started: Jul 18 2017, 03:51 AM (38 Views)
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Think very carefully before you speak
So, I have been overthinking way to much what this Realm is about and what we should be doing. But I've finally decided to justify sit down and do this, so we can hopefully start moving onwards and upwards.

First, a few basic rules that govern the basics of this realm. I will list them here and assuming no one objects, I will make them official. After that time they can't be changed except by the procedure the rules themselves lay out.

Rules of the Vales of Anduin

1. The purpose of the Vales of Anduin is to welcome new members of the region and teach them about Spiritus. While there will be no activity requirements it is expected that every member of this Realm world to fulfill this purpose. If a member is not working towards this goal, the Great Chief can remove them from the Realm at their discretion.

2. Every August, October, December, February, April, and June on the first to the fourth of that month a vote of confidence shall be held to determine if the Realm still approves of the current Great Chief. If the vote fails to pass, a new Great Chief shall be elected in an election lasting no longer than five days. In addition, at any time an election for the position of Great Chief can be held if three or more of the members of the Realm agree. The incumbent Great Chief is allowed to run in this election if they so choose. During votes of confidence and any elections that might occur, the Great Chief is not allowed to remove anyone from the Realm or make anyone a new member of the Realm.

3. The representative to the White Council, The Adamant, shall be chosen on the 15th of every month. This position should be viewed as a rotating position amongst members of the Realm to give as many people, especially newer members, experience on the Council as possible, but this is not a requirement, any member of he Realm may serve in this position. The Great Chief shall select one member of the Realm in whatever manner they choose, and then ask the Realm to vote on that member. If the vote passes then that member becomes the Adamant until the next month. If the vote fails then any member may nominate themselves and an election will be held to choose which nominee becomes The Adamant.

4. These rules cannot be changed except by the amendment process laid out as follows: Amendments to these rules may be proposed by any member. Discussion may occur for as long as necessary, but as soon as two members motion for it to be voted on, a vote shall be held. If 2/3rds of the votes are in favor of the amendment than the rules shall be changed accordingly.

These are the rules. Again, comments are welcome. If I hear no objections in a few days I'll make the, official. Now for some less formal, but even more important, stuff. As the Realm which is meant to welcome and help new people, I expect everyone to do just that. I want to see everyone on the RMB and in the Discord chat helping out whenever they can. As the rules say there are no activity requirements but everyone should be willing to help out when they do have a minute, and even a minute can make a difference.

In addition to generally helping out whenever possible, I shall also shortly be instituting a mentor ship program (finally) that I hope will be helpful and a good first step for new people on their quest to figuring out "What the Heck is Going On?" Specific Details on how that'll work will come out in a new thread shortly.
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