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PASSED: Repeal: "Condemn The Black Riders"
Topic Started: Sep 30 2017, 07:51 PM (16 Views)
The Salaxalans
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Repeal: "Condemn The Black Riders"
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#127 | Proposed by: [nation]Kaboomlandia[/nation]

Security Council Resolution #127 "Condemn The Black Riders" shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The Security Council,

Acknowledging the former region of The Black Riders as one of the most feared raider organizations in the world in their day,

Recognizing that the region popularized the practice of tag raiding, committing thousands of these raids, and were condemned not once but twice by the Security Council, though the first of these has now been repealed,

Appalled, however, at the repeated underhanded actions taken by regional leadership in order to succeed at raiding,

Recalling the events of April 2015, in which two high-ranking officers of The Black Riders, General Halcones and Bob Moran, were obliterated instantly as sanction for recruitment methods that violated international law,

Noting The Black Riders' deliberate and frequent use of the Predator program, a dangerous raiding weapon found to violate international law,

Also remembering the events that happened just under a year later, when the Predator scandal resulted in both The Black Riders and DEN being carpet-bombed into permanent uninhability as a result,

Fully aware that raiders see condemnation resolutions as awards by the Security Council,

Completely disbelieving that a region such as The Black Riders that committed so many underhanded acts in order to succeed at raiding should have any sort of recognition by the Security Council,

Hereby repeals Security Council Resolution #127.
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The Salaxalans
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