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Urgent Statement and Executive Order 002; On PNGs, Proscription, and Regional Security
Topic Started: Dec 9 2017, 02:56 PM (263 Views)
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- The Chief Executive -
Executive Order 002

Spiritan friends,

I am greatly troubled to inform you that we just successfully warded off the biggest regional security incident in years, and more or less by coincidence. It recently came to my attention that there may be an agent of a hostile region present in Spiritus. Upon investigation, this turned out to be true, but also not much of a danger. The person in question - who, by the way, had no reason to sneak in, they would have qualified for citizenship either way, which is probably why the security check didn't catch them - had managed to obtain citizenship at some point, but not more than that. At no point did they manage to gain entry to the SDF, the government, or had in any other way access to sensitive information. It appears that they had, for whatever reason, decided not to go forward with what they were up to.

But in the course of that investigation I came across an older citizenship application, which I had blocked because the applicant failed the security check. Standard procedure in those cases is to send them a PM and giving them a chance to explain any discrepancies and oddities... sometimes people look quite suspicious, but the only problem is with their internet/network/what have you. In this case I did not receive a response, so I did not take any further action.

In reviewing this and other recent applications, as well as created Free Spirit accounts that never filed an application, and nation movement in Spiritus, I found some odd patterns that warranted a closer look. I cannot give details, on the very reasonable request of some people who assisted me with this, but suffice it to say that there are people out there who apparently have decided to give Spiritus some grief. Not so much for strictly ingame reasons, but rather because some people here are not held in very high esteem in certain less reputable corners of Spiritus. Many of us are very good at what we do, and very quick to put those skills to good use to counter those who seek to make NS their own playground, where they can create and destroy at will. Also, we have always been swift in reacting to all manner of interregional incidents, and to stand with our friends and allies whenever necessary.

It has further garnered some attention that our Delegate Salaxalans has now been in office for five continuous years. While attacking a region with an active founder is not generally recommended or a good idea, it doesn't mean that some wouldn't try simply to break such a streak. And some organizations certainly have the right combination of manpower and disgust for Spiritus.

In reaction to this kaleidoscope of threats I hereby make the following executive orders:

1) No one is to be admitted into the SDF without a second security check performed by a qualified administrator. Anyone seeking any form of office in Spiritus will also attract a repeat security check.

2) The following people are hereby declared Persona Non Grata:

  • Xhakhaslovakia, of TBH
  • Syberis, of Osiris
  • Neo Kervoskia, of Osiris

3) The following regions and organizations are hereby proscribed. Any Spiritan citizen who is a citizen of one or more of those as of today, December 9th 2017, is grandfathered in. But from this day forward, no Spiritan shall obtain citizenship in any of them under penalty of treason. Membership in any of them will be an absolute disqualifying factor in citizenship checks. Likewise, any Spiritan aiding them or cooperating with them on a hostile operation or endeavor against Spiritus or one of our allies and friends will incur the penalty of treason.

Proscribed regions and organizations:

  • The Black Hawks
  • Lone Wolves United
  • Osiris

It pains me greatly to take such a step, for Spiritus has always been an exceptionally cosmopolitan and open region. But there are certain provocations we cannot and should not ignore. As Chief Executive it is my duty to protect this region, and the people of this region, and I see no more moderate way to effectively do so here. It is my heartfelt wish that I have never to make such a proclamation again.

4) The penalty for treason, until otherwise legislated or amended, is a ban for not less than three months and not more than 18 months, or an indefinite ban, as the Citizens' Assembly or a properly appointed hearing officer may direct; or in the alternative administrative removal and ban from the region if required and justified to prevent immediate danger.

December 9, 2017
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Rogamark, Chief Executive of Spiritus
Edited by Rogamark, Mar 29 2018, 03:18 AM.
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(Looks like I'm allowed to reply here, so I'll leave my comment here directly):

I applaud this step by the Spiritan government (aka Roga :P). Especially the proscription of those regions and organisations. I've long held the belief that holding membership in a raider organisation and a defender (or defender-leaning) region will inevitably lead to a conflict of interest. For regions such as yours and ours, it is simply not possible to trust members of these organisations to the extent that would be necessary for them to fully participate in our regions. As such, your step is a logical one.

And I'm fairly sure the above also reflects the stance of 10000 Islands.

Do not let yourselves be pushed around by people who feel that they own NationStates just because they can get away with a lot of things.

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After a lot of meditation I am amending the EO. It turns out that my informant abroad wasn't as knowledgeable as he held himself out to be. Whenever he didn't know the real identity of who was speaking in the log that started it all, he made up names, presumably in an attempt to make himself more valuable to me. In reaction, I reopened my investigation into that matter a while ago, and I was unable to find independent corroboration of some people's involvement.

I have therefore decided to err on the side of caution, and remove all references to said people (whom I'm not naming here, since the whole point of this is to remove their connection with this thing). I think Spiritus can afford that much basic fairness, especially at a time when the waters are as calm as right now. To those I mentioned who are actually innocent of all this I apologize for the temporary miscarriage of justice.
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