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The Northern Lights XIX
Topic Started: Feb 6 2018, 08:57 PM (31 Views)
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Posted ImagePosted Image The January General Election

by Kaschovia, Minister of Communications

This January election cycle, we witnessed historic and never-before-seen voter participation as four people won their respective elections. Lord Ravenclaw, Gladio, Mall, and Falapatorius declared their candidacies for Delegate; Bootsie, Siwale, and McMasterdonia declared their candidacies for Vice Delegate; Darcania and Clean Land declared their candidacies for Speaker; and HuAt and Goyanes declared their candidacies for Attorney General.

The Race for the Delegacy

Lord Ravenclaw's campaign arrived under the 'Still Soaring' slogan, and campaigned on his prior record of service in the North Pacific and other regions to deliver on a comprehensive platform which emphasised a strong World Assembly performance, a strong diplomatic presence, a robust and flexible North Pacific Army alongside a vibrant internal culture and roleplay world.

Gladio's campaign reverted to a more simple, but bold slogan, with 'Progress and Results'. He campaigned on his strong record of service as a long-serving Minister of Defence, his impressive history of more than 200 NPA missions, his work as a contributing author to The Northern Lights, to the Diplomatic Corps, and his significant contribution to recruitment and retention efforts through his participation in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Mall, a perennial candidate for the Delegacy formulated his campaign around six core promises. These included boosting his influence with the support of major raider organisations, using legal methods to reduce the endo counts of other TNP nations, appointing former TNP rogue Delegate JAL as Minister of Defence, purging the region of dissidents, and finally that should it be apparent that he would lose the Delegacy, he would eject himself and a collection of WA nations to conquer ‘the Fratt infested hellhole'.

Falapatorius campaigned on his more than four years of citizenship in the North Pacific, his service in the Attorney General's office and his military experience with various external organisations. He expressed a hesitance to make any major changes and his unwillingness to overthrow the legitimate government.

Gladio won the election for Delegate with 58 votes (56.86%) to Lord Ravenclaw's 40 votes, (39.22), Mall's 4 votes (3.92%), and 5 abstentions.

The Race for the Vice Delegacy

One interesting thing about the Vice Delegate election was that every candidate had already served in the position at least once before. McMasterdonia was the first of the group to serve as Vice Delegate, Bootsie was the second, and Siwale was the last.

McMasterdonia's campaign focused on his prior service and contributions to the community as Delegate, Vice Delegate, Security Councillor, and in various Cabinet roles including as Minister of Culture during Pallaith's second term. He expressed his goals if elected Vice Delegate, the first being to expand and improve upon the efforts of the TNP for #1 endorsement competition, expanding SC engagement with the RMB through in-game activities, including SC hosted theme weeks, games and activities.

Siwale, campaigned on a highly successful term for the Security Council and for himself as the Vice Delegate. His goals included growing the high level of activity within the Security Council and the endorsement count of all WA nations, the prompt processing of citizenship applications, the pragmatic disclosure of SC discussions, and pursuing necessary legal reform as appropriate.

Bootsie campaigned on his belief in the importance of the security of the North Pacific, and his involvement in the Security Council in eliminating all threats to The North Pacific. He campaigned on his prior service to the region in various roles, and that his commitment and activity level would ensure that security checks were performed promptly, and that endorsement counts would improve across the region.

Siwale won the election for Vice Delegate with 49 votes (50.52%) to McMasterdonia's 41 votes (42.27%), Bootsie's 7 votes (7.22%), and 10 abstentions.

The Race for Speaker

Darcania presented his platform in splendid fashion, tracing his goals and aims through creative and beautifully crafted haiku verses. He outlined his plans to develop: a chrome extension to make Admin and Speaker checks more efficient and accurate; a cog for the Discord bot to allow members to claim nations and be automatically masked; a counting sheet for the citizens registry; and a small utility script in the Citizens registry to generate an admin request based on the sheet to move and delete rows automatically.

Clean Land, the other candidate in this race did not post a campaign and voted for Darcania in the election.

Darcania won the election for Speaker with 98 votes (98%) to Clean Land's 2 votes (2%), and 7 abstentions.

The Race for Attorney General

Goyanes, the incumbent Attorney General campaigned on his prior service and goals to work on the ongoing R4Rs before the Court, on making TNP Law more understandable and accessible to the community, maintaining a quick and effective response to legal complaints, and continuing to provide excellent legal advice to members of the Government.

HuAt campaigned based on his prior experience in the Court as Assistant Attorney General under PaulWallLibertarian42, and his role as lead investigator in Falapatorius v. Flemingovia. HuAt promised to be fair and impartial in all legal decisions and to focus on the facts of all cases and complaints an investigation and trial ensues.

Goyannes won the election for Attorney General with 80 votes (95.24%), to HuAt's 4 votes (4.76%), and 23 abstentions.

Posted Image World Assembly Affairs Digest January 2018
by Deropia, Minister of World Assembly Affairs
Minister: Deropia
Deputy Minister: Kranostav
Deputy Minister: Veniyerris

From the Minister's desk:

Hello everyone! I'm Deropia, your newly appointed Minister of World Assembly Affairs. Here you'll find details of everything that has happened in the World Assembly and the Ministry in the past month. I'd like to take a moment now to congratulate Kranostav on being reappointed, and Veniyerris on being appointed Deputy Ministers.

Do you want to have a greater impact on the outcome of votes in the World Assembly? If you do, that's great because you can! In The North Pacific our Delegate casts their vote in the World Assembly based on the results of a poll we hold on our regional forum! All you need is to have your WA nation in The North Pacific and have an account on the forum, that's it!

Would you like to help others decide how to vote on World Assembly resolutions? Then the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs wants you! The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs releases a voting recommendation for every proposal that reaches the voting floor and distributes it to every WA nation in The North Pacific. By joining the Executive Staff you can help us write our recommendations and make your opinion known to more than 1,500 nations!

I look forward to serving you all in the coming months.

Anyways, without further ado here's what we voted on, how we voted and what the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended

Posted Image
General Assembly
Improving the world, one resolution at a time.
Proposal: Voting Equality for Freed Inmates
Status: Passed
Delegates Vote: For
Forum Vote: For: 10 Against: 1 Abstain: 2
Final Vote (TNP): For: 534 Against: 84 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.18%
Final Vote (World): For: 14,314 Against: 3,117

Recommendation: The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs reviewed the resolution and found its intentions are straightforward. Voting Equality for Freed Inmates does exactly as its title says, and ensures that voting privileges are extended to convicted criminals, provided that they have completed their term of incarceration and are not subject to parole or a probation order. Exceptions are reasonably provided for instances where the voter has been convicted of crimes related to voter fraud or has aided a foreign or domestic power in subverting the lawful government. Democracy is one of the core values of The North Pacific and the Ministry believes that the right to vote is one that should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their past. Voting Equality for Freed Inmates accomplishes this without placing undue hardship on national and local governments.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended voting for the resolution.

Proposal: Protection of Biomedical Research
Status: Passed
Delegates Vote: For
Forum Vote: For: 11 Against: 6 Abstain: 0
Final Vote (TNP): For: 565 Against: 44 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.59%
Final Vote (World): For: 13,762 Against: 3,856

Recommendation: Protection of Biomedical Research is a relatively mild proposal that seeks to ensure a standard of ethics and scientific rigor in biomedical experiments within the World Assembly. It ensures that member states engage only in research where the well-being and ethical treatment of the subjects are prioritized, but in a manner which makes additional testing on both human and lab animal tests possible. Further, it promotes additional research by tasking the World Assembly Science Programme to coordinate and advise international research efforts, as well as share data volunteered by researchers.

More importantly, the proposal preempts future attempts to block biomedical research in the name of religious or moral objections, ensuring that WA members can engage in research in the best interests of their populations.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended voting for the resolution.

Proposal: Ozone Layer Protection
Status: Passed
Delegates Vote: For
Forum Vote: For: 12 Against: 0 Abstain: 0
Final Vote (TNP): For: 544 Against: 83 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.68%
Final Vote (World): For: 15,211 Against: 2,998

Recommendation: On oxygen rich planets, the Ozone layer acts as essential protection against harmful UV rays. However, some industrial chemicals currently used deplete this fragile layer. This resolution seeks to reduce the damage done to the ozone layer by some of the chemicals used by industry. It accomplishes this by mandating that member nations and a newly created subcommittee, the Atmospheric Chemistry Establishment, identify Ozone depleting chemicals and research alternatives. This resolution also tasks the ACE with setting deadlines for phasing out the use of ozone-depleting chemicals from use, and requires that member nations cease production and use of these chemicals by these deadlines. Ozone Layer Protection provides an exemption to this by allowing the ACE to provide waivers to member nations, provided that the chemicals are used in a closed system and can not harm atmospheric chemistry in other nations.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended voting for the resolution.

Posted Image
Security Council
Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.
Proposal: Repeal: Liberate Dank Memes
Status: Passed
Delegates Vote: For
Forum Vote: For: 10 Against: 0 Abstain: 0
Final Vote (TNP): For: 514 Against: 36 Percentage of WA nations voting: 35.59%
Final Vote (World): For: 14,623 Against: 1,156

Recommendation: The point of a liberation is to allow native and defender forces the opportunity to reclaim a region from invading forces. As Dank Memes has been refounded by invading forces, this is no longer possible and makes any attempt to return the region to native residents doomed to failure. This makes the Security Council's liberation of Dank Memes unnecessary.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended a voting for the resolution.

Proposal: Commend Tsunamy
Status: Passed
Delegates Vote: For
Forum Vote: For: 10 Against: 1 Abstain: 0
Final Vote (TNP): For: 503 Against: 34 Percentage of WA nations voting: 34.53%
Final Vote (World): For: 11,196 Against: 3,483

Recommendation: The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs believes that commendations should be reserved for nations that have had a lasting effect on their region or the international community at large. When it comes to the commendation of Tsunamy, there is a wealth of information to consider. Beginning with their reestablishing The South Pacific's regional forum and salvaging the Coalition of the South Pacific's Charter after it was lost in the aftermath of the coup by The Xyz Affair. We must also take into consideration the numerous coup attempts that Tsunamy has defended The South Pacific against and their efforts to restore the region after such attempts have been successful. We should consider the loyalty and dedication they have shown to their region in the numerous elected and appointed positions they have held over the years, such as serving as World Assembly Delegate for over two years spread over three terms. During their tenure in The South Pacific, they have provided advice to newly formed national governments and played an integral role in shaping the culture of The South Pacific.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended voting for the resolution.

Proposal: Commend The MT Army
Status: Passed
Delegates Vote: For
Forum Vote: For: 6 Against: 7 Abstain: 0
Final Vote (TNP): For: 508 Against: 96 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.06%
Final Vote (World): For: 8,762 Against: 7,148

Recommendation: The MT Army is a dedicated and widely-respected anti-fascist and anti-Nazi military force who has served NationStates for the last 14 years. The MT Army worked alongside the Pacific Defenders which began the Anti Nazi Alliance who functioned as a bane against hatred and bigotry in NationStates through the early to mid-2000's. The MT Army's numerous laudable achievements in fighting hatred include the destruction of The URAP, Greater German Reich, and assisting the North Pacific Army, among others, in the destruction of NAZI EUROPE. The MT Army has also administered Antifa and inspired as well as guided many anti-hate regions that are currently active defending NationStates from hatred and bigotry. The Ministry believes that the significant contributions of The MT Army to the fight against intolerance, as well as their numerous military accomplishments and a long history of service to the community, is worthy of commendation.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended voting for the resolution.

Proposal: Liberate Iran
Status: Passed
Delegates Vote: For
Forum Vote: For: 10 Against: 4 Abstain: 0
Final Vote (TNP): For: 599 Against: 38 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.93%
Final Vote (World): For: 16,268 Against: 1,406

Recommendation: The region of Iran was invaded 5 years ago and was left to die behind a password. Although a significant amount of time has passed since the region was passworded, this should have no effect on whether or not a region is worthy of liberation. The nations currently occupying the region are under the control of a puppetmaster, so the liberation will most likely be successful. Additionally, the author of the proposal reached out to former natives of the region, and there was at least one native that was interested in returning. The Ministry believes that so long as there is at least one native willing to return to their home, that a liberation is worthwhile.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended voting for the resolution.

Posted Image Regional Assembly Highlights
by Brendog, Minister of Home Affairs
Over the past two months, we have seen plenty of proposals, but many are still in discussion:


  1. The first to pass in December (11.12.17) was a motion to Plembobria to the Security Council motioned by McMasterdonia and seconded by other received 41 ayes, 3 nays, and 6 abstentions;

  2. Palliaith appointed Crushing Our Enemies, SillyString, Darcania , Eluvatar, Siwale, Syrixia, and Scorch as Election Commissioners in accordance with the Election Reform Bill. The vote being motioned by Mallorea and Rivaand seconded by Drasnia. All were confirmed on the 19th of December;

    Posted Image

  3. Siwale's Security Council Suspensions Amendment bill also passed on the 11th of January, with 42 ayes, 1 nay, and 6 abstentions.
In discussion from previous months

  1. Reforming the Penal Code, proposed by Eluvatar, which entered a discussion on the 10th of September 2017;

  2. The Ombudsman Bill, proposed by Sergio86, which entered a discussion on the 5th of October 2017;

  3. Closing Legal Loopholes *Properly* Amendment proposed by Sill Dorsett on the 24th of December

  1. In December (28.12.17) the Regional Assembly failed to pass the Closing Legal Loopholes Amendment with 0 ayes, 18 nays and 7 abstentions
On hold

  1. Due to multiple request for reviews on a now outdated proposal of a Motion to Declare an Emergency Situation the counting of the bill will not happen till all request for reviews are completed.

Posted Image The Spotlight #9: An Interview with Delegate Gladio
by Kaschovia and Gladio, Minister of Communications and Delegate
Kaschovia: Gladio! It's great to have you on the 9th Edition of the Spotlight!

Gladio: Thank you for having me Kaschovia, it's a pleasure to be here.

Kaschovia: So, it's been an eventful few weeks, with the lead up to the general elections and the campaigning... and eventually, the winning! But what did you find was the toughest thing for you to do over the election process?

Gladio: This was my first time running in the General Elections and the elections proved to be really interesting and challenging! I had to run against a really strong candidate, as my main opponent for the position Lord Ravenclaw is a former two-time Delegate of our region and thus convincing people to vote for me over him wasn't easy. I am glad it all worked out in the end and that I came out as the winner.

Kaschovia:I can imagine the kind of competition there must have been! How does it feel to be the new Delegate of the North Pacific?

Gladio: I've been in TNP for over six years now and it's truly an honor for me to be given the chance to be Delegate to our wonderful region. It's very exciting but at the same time, it's also very hectic, getting so many queries all the time and having so many things that require your immediate attention is definitely something that I'm not used to.

Kaschovia: It must be. What is your main goal as Delegate?

Gladio: Before running for Delegate I was Minister of Defense for six full terms, however, there is a difference between being a Minister and a Delegate, when you are a Minister you only have one ministry and therefore you only have one problem to think about. When you are a Delegate you have six different problems that you have to worry about! I ran on a simple campaign platform that's based on realistic goals for each ministry that I believe I will be able to accomplish. My main goal for this term will be to ensure that all the ministries remain active and continue to work efficiently throughout my entire term as Delegate and to recruit as many new people from the game side as possible, integrate them into our community and encourage them to become part of our executive staff.

Kaschovia: That sounds great, Gladio. If you had to dissolve one of the currently existing ministries, which would it be and why?

Gladio: Currently I'm satisfied with the performance of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Communications, Culture and World Assembly Affairs and the amount of workload that each ministry has, that being said I don't plan to Create/Remove any ministries.

Kaschovia: You certainly are confident in your government, very reassuring. How do you want your Delegacy to be remembered by future TNPers?

Gladio: I hope that after the end of my term, future TNPers will remember me as a successful Delegate who always worked hard for the good of the region and that the work I leave behind me will inspire and motivate others to do the same.

Kaschovia: What are you most worried about happening during your Delegacy?

Gladio: Tough question, I think right now at the beginning of my Delegacy I don't have any particular concerns as I believe I have more than enough time and energy to resolve any issues should they occur.

Kaschovia: If you had to say, which ministry is the most important to your government, and why?
And you can't say all of them.

Gladio: Each ministry is important in its own way but if I had to pick... I would say Home Affairs. I think arguably this ministry could be considered as the most important and vital one because of the vast amount of work they do by bringing in new members and helping to integrate them into our community. Without their efforts our region would have less new blood and many other ministries would stagnate as a result of this.

Kaschovia: That is very true! Who, in NationStates, do you or have you looked up to? Who, in NationStates terms, is your idol?

Gladio: McMasterdonia and r3naissanc3r. McM Is the one who recruited me into the NPA and was my mentor In my early days when I first got actively involved In gameplay. Under r3n's delegacy, I served my first two terms as Minister of Defence. I've had the pleasure of working with him many times now and I have very good working relations with him and we easily get along very well.

Kaschovia: What is your favorite thing about being Delegate?

Gladio: My favorite thing about being a Delegate would have to be the given opportunity to work with people from different branches not just from TNP but from other regions as well.

Kaschovia: What is your biggest concern regarding the North Pacific, right now?

Gladio: Right now the North Pacific is a safe and stable region so at this moment I don't have any particular concerns regarding our region.

Kaschovia: Alright, thanks for your responses Gladio, good luck with the upcoming term!

Posted Image RMB Roleplay Reel #2
by Yukkira, Deputy Minister
This month, the RMB RP Reel would like to take a special look at the TNP Winter Olympics, created and hosted by resident TNP RMB RPer, Toshavo; more commonly known as Global Socialist Republic (GSR). GSR used to run one of the biggest alliances within the Strangereal community. But due to real life concerns, in addition to in-character politics, had to step down, and ultimately disband the alliance. Now, he's just another neutral country on the map, attempting to do something potentially monumental...

The 2018 North Pacific Winter Olympics is a major sporting event for all nations in the North Pacific to come together and rejoice in sports. It was an idea that Toshavo had for a long time; he thought it would be fun to do it out of character and include not just nations of the TNP RMB but nations of the entire region. Thus, he purposely planned and organized the games in the same time frame when the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics would begin.

The entire premise of the games was for nations of TNP to send their best athletes to compete in an international tournament. He envisioned it as a peaceful way to bring Strangereal together versus creating a world-spanning conflict. As of Jan. 21st, there are 28 nations competing in the Olympics. Participants include those of whom are RMB regulars, TNP government officials, and even nations from foreign regions.

This year, the Olympics will feature all of the real winter Olympic sports. From skiing to snowboarding, nations will compete in 15 sporting events, over a span of two weeks.

Toshavo's own nation will be the stage of the Olympics. From the Opening to the Closing Ceremonies, from the snow-covered mountains to the city, the capital city of Toshavo, Franshov will host the games.

The Opening Ceremony will be held on Feb. 9th. And the Closing Ceremony will be held on Feb. 25th. We hope to have 35 nations (or more) competing. An ambitious goal was to have this become one of the biggest sporting events in TNP's history.

He even made a website for it here.

He hopes to make this a biannual event; eventually becoming part of TNP tradition.

I am Yukkira, and this is the TNP RMB RP Reel.

Posted Image Monthly Memoirs for January
by Kaschovia, Minister of Communications
This month I decided to ask questions in relation to the new year.


  1. What was your favourite NS moment of 2017?

  2. What are your new years NS resolutions?

  3. What are you most looking forward to this year?

  4. How do you feel about the January General Election?

  5. Where do you want to see yourself in NationStates and our community one year from now?

Deropia, Minister
Q1. For me it was moving to TNP and joining WA Affairs.

Q2. I only have one, and that is to become more active on the WA forums and be more involved in helping draft resolutions over the coming year.

Q3. Honestly I'm looking forward to seeing what comes through the World Assembly in the coming months, from what I've seen on the gameside forum, it's going to be an interesting year!

Q4. Absolutely fantastic! Gladio was my candidate of choice, his long history of service and dedication to TNP made it easy to back him. As for the other government officials, I think that the voters made the right choices. Siwale, Goy and Darc have done an excellent job in their respective offices since they were elected and definitely earned another term in office.

Q5. One year from now? I'm not really too sure aha, wherever it is, as long as I'm doing what I can to be of service to the community, I'll be satisfied.

, Minister
Q1. Passing my NPA Officer test a few months ago, certainly. I'd already failed one test and I was stupidly nervous about it all, so successfully leading my first operation and becoming an officer on the spot was pretty euphoric; I'd been a Sergeant for so long because I was too nervous to lead an operation and breaking through that glass ceiling felt fantastic, and doubtless facilitated my eventual appointment as MoD by Gladio.

Q2. They're twofold; doing the best job I can in TNP in whatever role I have and properly balancing out RL and NS. Don't underestimate the importance of the latter.

Q3. My term as MoD; it's a whole new world to me and I'm excited to see what I can do in this term. It's proven far easier than I had imagined, though that's probably a bit of an overstatement considering that the NPA is grounded right now so we're not organizing any operations yet, doubtless I'll have more on my hands before very long.

Q4. Seeing Gladio running was both wonderful and unusual, and every office had one or more exemplary candidates running for it. That, as well as the high turnout rate, made this my favourite election to date. I've missed one or two already, being involved in this one has convinced me to not miss any more.

Q5. Hopefully doing my best in TNP and not banned.
Lozinak, Deputy Minister
Q1. Joining the NPA was probably my favorite moment of the year. That served as the launching point for me becoming more involved in TNP as a whole.

Q2. My resolution is to continue is to aid the MoD however I can, and ensure the NPA is just as active in 2018.

Q3. I'm most looking forward to hopefully getting in to RP as I should have more time to write this semester.

Q4. I was happy to see Gladio run, as he has been something a mentor for me since I first joined the TNP. Despite all the drama we also had record turn out and some close, exciting races. I think that really speaks to how dedicated the TNP community is.

Q5. Hopefully still working in the NPA and Executive staff.
Konar, Citizen
Q1. It would have to be N-Day, and Josephtan acheiving martyrdom.

Q2. To be more active in the departments of TNP that I am part of, and perhaps to join more.

Q3. N-Day, Z-Day, and more joint operations with other militaries.

Q4. It was exciting to see the candidates be neck in neck; however, Lord Ravenclaw's pull-out of NS put a damper on it, as well as the contention of a defaced ballot which, I felt, was not settled amicably.

Q5. Hopefully, I'll be able to have become a General at that point. Being able to contribute meaningfully to the departments I am in and may join is also a hope of mine.
Novare Res, Security Council
Q1. I can't say. I was hiding. In hibernation. Lurking, that is. Which is what I should have done for the most part since game started.

Q2. be nice to people - even the ones who are not so nice to me. Eat more cheese. The good stuff.

Q3. Getting back into being more involved.

Q4. Well, I didn't get to vote because the server that hosts the forum kept kicking my connection (a glitch involving FireFox browser which wasn't easy to fix at my end). I would have voted for McMasterdonia who lost by one vote. Never say one's vote doesn't count.

Q5. Sitting back and watching how the latest generation handles things.
Hesskin Empire, Citizen
Q1. Illuminati Raid

Q2. Finally get RP done!

Q3. RP!

Q4. It was fun, a good race as well!

Q5. Hopefully an active RP member and possibly in the politics somewhere somehow!
Zazumo, Citizen
Q1. Finally completing 100 NPA operations. I put in a lot of hours to get that ribbon.

Q2. To lead more NPA ops. Stepping in for Loz a couple times helped my confidence to lead.

Q3. Gladio's term as delegate and Malphe's term as MoD. Best of luck to both of them and the entire executive staff!

Q4. Could not be more excited. After working with Gladio during countless missions it's great to see him in the delegate seat!

Q5. Continuing my work with the NPA. Hopefully a Major if I play my cards right.
Nordpazifik, Citizen
Q1. Oof. That's a hard one. There's been a lot of fun things - Government work, RP, R/D - but in the end, I'll have to go with the two issues I wrote being published.

Q2. Get more involved, but at the same time balancing RL and NS better.

Q3. Who knows?

Q4. I didn't vote in it, but I'm excited to see what the new administration will bring.

Q5. It would be really nice if I was like instantly recognizable in the GCR community (if not the wider NS community), but in a year? Only time will tell.
Kaschovia, Minister
Q1. Being the best MoFA this region has ever seen (sarcasm)...

Q2. Have more fun doing things on NationStates.

Q3. Running for Delegate in September (sarcasm again.)

Q4. Content as one can be about an election.

Q5. As Delegate (even more bad sarcasm!)
Siwale, Vice Delegate
Q1. Joining TNP's regional forum, of course! Little did I know at the time just how involved I would soon get in the regional government.

Q2. I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, mainly because they hardly ever stick. I prefer to make changes as the need for them arises throughout the year.

Q3. Seeing what Gladio will accomplish this term as our newly elected Delegate!

Q4. No complaints. I am certain that all of the elected officials will perform flawlessly this term.

Q5. Still as involved in TNP as I am now!
Xagill, Minister
Q1. Being a minister of communications!

Q2. Being Vice Delegate.

Q3. The changes that will come.

Q4. Content, it was a fun and close race.

Q5. Just trying to continue to be active.

Posted Image NPA Bulletin for January 2018

by Lozinak (with contributions from McMasterdonia and Malphe), Deputy Minister of Defence

Posted Image
*Ministerial Rodent Noises*
The New Year saw several records and changes for TNP and the North Pacific Army (NPA). Perhaps the greatest achievement of the NPA in the last term was the detagging of over 200 regions, a record for the NPA in a single term. During this final push into the new year, Captain Zazumo was also able to achieve his 100 mission completion ribbon. Following these accomplishments, Gladio, the six-term Minister of Defence won the election to become Delegate of the North Pacific.

Captain Malphe, a long time member of the NPA and avid rodent was chosen for the honour of succeeding Gladio as Minister of Defence. Malphe accepted this enormous responsibility and assumed the duties of the Minister of Defence and General of the North Pacific Army. General Malphe is a veteran of over 50 campaigns, stretching from the raid upon [region]The Holy Historian Confederation[/region] to the most recent defence of the region of Christmas. The opening address of the New Minister of Defense is available here.

The first major mission for the NPA of the new year is the Defense of The North Pacific while in a state of Delegacy transition. During this time the NPA is recalled to TNP in order to add endorsements to the delegate elect.

In order to keep their skills sharp the NPA has taken part in detagging operations during the transition with the permission of the new delegate. As a capstone for the month, the NPA conducted a tag-raid of Warzone Australia. A summary of NPA operations for the month of January and the soldiers involved is available below:

DateUpdateTypeRegion(s)Participating Soldiers
20/01/2018MajorDetagBuckeye Boyzzz
The Protectorate and The Starry Skies
20/01/2018MinorDetagThe New World of Name
left 4 dead 3
New Pakistani Empire
team mediocrity
The CeruleoAguarian Commonwealth
Unitys Alliance
21/01/2018MinorRaidWarzone Africa
30/01/2018MajorDetagVenetian Trade Routes
Alliance of Northern Somewhere
International Roleplay Region
Club of Philledelphia Eagles
Gentibus Unitatis
Nationstates Sesquipedalian Countries
Alliance of Nuclear Police States
Nationstates Vexillogical Society
Final Fantasy
Batasun Union
Union of Autistic States
War Filled Islands
The Isles of El Nar
The Lumpy Sith Lords
New Atos

Thank you to all members of the North Pacific Army involved in the above operations. Hail The North Pacific! Hail the NPA!

The Northern Lights: Beauty in Truth

Publisher: Gladio II :: Executive Editor: Kaschovia :: Managing Editors: McMasterdonia ::

With Contributions From McMasterdonia, Darcania, Sundred, Gladio II, Malphe, and Siwale.

The Northern Lights is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.

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