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Citizenship Application
Topic Started: Feb 9 2018, 05:57 PM (28 Views)
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Citizenship Application

1. What is the name of your nation in Spiritus? Minrear

2. What is your World Assembly nation? If you don't have one or are WA mobile, state so. North Prarie

3. What other regions are you a member of? The South Pacific, Orbis Secundus, Gucci RP, others I would be happy to disclose in private.

4. What other aliases have you used across Nationstates? Republic of Valliesta, North Prarie, South Prarie, Valliesta, others I will disclose in private.

5. What timezone are you in? Central

6. How did you find out about Spiritus? Was assigned to be the ambassador to Spiritius by the TSP MoFA.
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You're gonna need to disclose those in private to me before I can accept a citizenship security check.

If you're just looking for the Ambassador application, you can find it here.
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I've long sent him a PM saying exactly that ;)
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