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Flashpoint threads are active. Rewards can only be claimed if your character actively participates in the Flashpoint. Get to writing peoples.
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General Board Rules

1. Be respectful and courteous to others.

Trolling, Flaming, Bashing will not be tolerated. This rule goes for anyone and everyone. Treat everyone you meet with respect and they will be sure to do the same. If it is seen, the post or ‘shout’ will be deleted by the Admins and if the behavior persists you will be restricted. Again, if the Rancor can’t sort you out, you will be banned. If you have a problem with another member, speak in private or PM and Admin. Remember, all you need is love after all.

2. Be patient.

While we understand that many people have a high desire to roleplay, and believe that such desire should be encouraged and fostered, harassing other roleplayers to post is unacceptable. Most of our roleplayers at Star Wars: Republic have a life outside of online roleplaying, and this takes precedence over what takes place on this website. Complaints about harassment will be taken seriously by the Admin Team. Online roleplaying is supposed to be fun, let's not get carried away with ourselves. People go on LOAs, people have accidents, people get sick, people wake up one day and would prefer to snorkel rather than post, that is their right and we will respect that no matter how silly we may 'think' their reason. Patience is a virtue.

3. Metaknowledge is a no no.

This is a form of godmodding (see below). It is when your character knows things based on OOC information that you gathered, or thoughts etc within another characters post. Your character only knows what your character knows. A 'calculated guess' is not always a good plot idea to get your character into a more 'heroic moment'.

4. This game has an R18 rating.

That does not mean that this website accepts porn of any kind (written, images etc) but it does mean that there is freedom hear to write mature content. Playing here assumes you are mature enough to not go over board, and understand that life is not all sex and gore. We are character driven, not hormone driven.

5. Avatars and Signatures

Images posted on SWR, including Signatures and Avatars, must not be pornographic in nature. Characters can appear as sexual beings, but no pornographic material will be allowed. All the ‘naughty bits’ must be covered, and it should not be hinted in the picture that the person pictured is teasing, covering up is fine, teasing is not. The images must not be used to bash/flame/bait/troll. No animated avatars or signatures are allowed. Avatars should not exceed 25kbs in file size and 160 wide x 250 high in pixels. The file size for signatures can be no greater than 40kbs and no larger than 800 pixels when the length and width together (i.e. 400x400 is ok, 400x600 is not). Make sure you make the appropriate post to claim the ‘face’ that you desire for your character. Only one claim is allowed. No crying if Angelina Jolie is not available and you want her. Everyone wants her; Brad got her, get over it!

6. Remember that this is a game.

This is a hobby for most people. The purpose of this RP is to have fun, be creative, and meet new people, all in the wonderful galaxy that the Star Wars Mythos has given us over the last 36 years. Keep your OOC feelings out of your IC posts and your IC issues out of your OOC lives. Just because my character hates your character does not mean I hate you.

7. The most important rule.

Don’t be a dick. This place is a democracy until someone makes a dick move and Braxis and Ala have to wield their authority. We’re all nice guys here, let’s act that way and remember that this is all a game.


Star Wars: Republic Rules

1.You can play both as a Force User and a Non-Force User here at Star Wars: Republic (SWR).

There are four main character classes that your character can fall under. Republic Citizen, Scoundrel, Jedi, Dark Jedi. Each class has many more, undefined subclasses within them that you can create your character into using our List of Skills. You are allowed up to Four different characters on this board.

2. Absolutely no canon characters

You are not allowed to write a character from any of the movies or the expanded universe. Your character cannot be related/married/in a relationship with any character from any of the movies or the expanded universe. You cannot reference canon characters, objects, or vehicles within your posts or character bio. (Exceptions exist as someone were to win the Lottery and gain access to some canon feature.). No, you can’t be Luke Skywalker. It’s at least twenty times more fun to create your own original character and back story. At least.

3. No Godmodding

All characters start with a basic knowledge of their chosen class, but they cannot claim to be ‘the best’ or ‘exceptional’ or any synonym/variation of those terms. Just because your Jedi Padawan is a beast created from the Force that is seven feet tall, can bench press six hundred pounds and eats a bantha every day for breakfast does not mean they can beat a Jedi Master. Come on, son ... be real.

In combat, you may indicate in what direction you shot/slashed and where you were aiming, but you are not allowed to write out the moment of impact; that is for your opposition to decide. Having said that, you should allow yourself to be hit occasionally, this is realistic and also courteous. Never be the writer that never gets hurt. No one wants to write with someone like that.

People have the right to ignore anything ridiculous that you write into your thread. Your post will be edited and posting privileges suspended until our Rancor sorts you out. Examples of godmodding include: Using powers/abilities/weapons from outside the universe of Star Wars (no Pikachu, we do not chose you). Invincibility, your character should take damage. Killing or seriously injuring another player’s character without permission. Roleplaying against your own character so you can make one of them look stronger. Starting at a rank that was not earned or given. Attacking or defending multiple times in one post (be reasonable, time passes at the same rate for your character as it does for others). Using skills that you have not learned yet.

4. Be aware of the timeframe

Technologies that exist ahead of our time frame are not to be mentioned, those in the distant past will be scrutinized, and super weapons will be instantly removed from any thread talking about them. There are chances for super weapons (think Death Star, Star Forge etc) to become part of the board, but this is only through the Flashpoint Lottery system. The Admin team will work closely with the winners to insure that the item/s are used in a beneficial fashion to the Lore and the community.

5. Our board started right around Star Wars: Episode I

No canon events that have happened since Star Wars: Episode I can be mentioned. They have not happened, but could happen in a Flashpoint. Ample opportunity will be given to suggest new plots to work towards. We decided that this timeframe was the best to better make use of the gameplay mechanics we have installed on the board. It also allows us to better shape the Star Wars Galaxy in our own fun and exciting way.

This is a basic list of rules we have around here. If you don't like these then you will not like this RP. By registering you accept that you are going to be abiding by (and will be judged by) these rules. If you want to skip reading the rules to register, that is your choice, but you will still be judged by them and expected to abide by them. Your choice.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER – Star Wars: Republic is not affiliated or endorsed by Lucasfilms LTD. All applicable trademarks (LUCASFILM, STAR WARS etc) are solely owned and controlled by Lucasfilms LTD. All characters, weapons, locations, images, creatures, and etc are the property of their copyright owners. All rights reserved. All fan art created for this site are for personal appreciation and the adornment of our community. There is no intention to infringe upon any artists copyrights or livelihood. No profit has, or will, be made from this site or the images contained within. All posts, and/or threads, made by an author of this site are the intellectual property of that author and are subject to Copyright Laws. Any reproduction is prohibited. Permission must be granted to you by the author of the text in order for you to reproduce their written threads/posts, written ideas, and/or thread layouts. Star Wars: Republic is a non-profit Star Wars Fan Fiction Web Site and a “public domain” Roleplaying message board. No infringement is intended by any of the users on this board. This site is dedicated to non-profit entertainment purpose of appreciation only.

The Flashpoint/Lore/Lottery/Destiny Point system is an original idea of Star Wars: Republic and its Administration. Permission is required to use any or all portions of this Fan Fiction Forum Role Play Mechanic.
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