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. Answers go to the URL, last folder, all caps, 5 letters (except level 1)
.. Everything you need is in the picture
... There's nothing in the source code
.... No wordgames (maybe an anagram once in a while, but that's it)
- No tiny/invisible fonts
-. No guesswork
-.. No manipulation in graphics software
-... No hint screens or eggs
-.... No .htm or .html
-- Those riddles are hard and take patience to solve. Don't give up. If you're stuck feel free to ask for hints on the forum, or send a PM to someone who already solved that level. In the latter case, be sure to include a link to your current level, and a write-up of your major tries and ideas. This way the person you're contacting will be able to recall the level and give you an usable hint.
--. There's a total of 35 levels.
--.. Good luck!
This sentence is false.
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