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TOTKOL Hacking Notes?; Looking for those hacking notes from romhacking.net
Topic Started: Oct 24 2016, 01:29 PM (136 Views)
Asylum Knight
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Your Face

I found the TOTKOL hacking notes. Currently working on a rebalancing patch, if anyone's interested (or ever still on here), feel free to give some input or suggestions.
Edited by Asylum Knight, Oct 28 2016, 05:16 AM.
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Maybe this is a little bit too late... But let's see
Swordmaster skills Shallow's Daze effect changed from paralyze to vain and cap it's accuracy to 50 percent. Also make enemies swordmasters always holding a katana
Warlocks Barren Soul don't have virtue and bane variation so most of times choose fire when try to chop those ghost
Maybe you can add support spell to Wizards since for someone with great intellect, their magical knowledge seems like a bit too small
Adding magic sap and enfeeble to witch maybe good idea.
Improve stats growth of bandits maybe. I know they're just shown up twice in early chapter but they a bit too much look like a small fry
Loch in most game are skeletal mage that's suspectable to blunt weapon but not in this game. Although you can only have 3 at most per save due to requirements to make one.
Griffins are really underpowered here. Maybe increase its STR growth to 5 and raise his base move to 5 or 6 and probably add stun effect to his skill.
Cockatrices can get 5 STR growth maybe.
Cerberus can get 7 STR growth and maybe 1 more AGI.
Priest maybe more fit to use Ignis Fatuus than a Siren since you know holy based spell
Make Hawkmen proficient in Axe, Hammer and Spear.
Angel Knights Poignant Melody nice for ghost party but maybe you can change this one to more holistic skills. You know like one that heal ally or another lightning bolts.
Make undead soldiers, Knights and wizards have bane elements since they're undead
Make undead Knights use bane spells instead.
Make undead wizards capable to use bane spells.
Make Erik Earth element and give him gnome spells instead
Change Euphaire element to Water and give her Fenrir
Make Siren boss in Naja (forget her name) hold Salamander
Make items obtainable on either path avaible to both path
Add drop to vs exclusive items to story line. Fighting dragoon with brionac give more challenge like when fighting predator on last battle.
Make enemies able to use Resurrect but make enemies resurrected unable to drop loot again.
Make enemies use heal plus with logic like one of my ally surrounded by enemies. Better heal my ally with one of enemies least needed healing than let my comrade falls
Make all enemies only humanoid classes including enemies can get emblems.
Give Bow and crossbow damage bonus when used by class proficient in it
Remove 10 kill restrictions for priest but make priest Lawful only
Change beast Master restrictions to not have animal hunter emblem
Change dragon tamer restrictions to not have dragon scale emblem
Make crossbow lost its damage bonus when target more than 5 square away more for different elevation
Add crossbow proficiency to dragoon, ninja and knight. Maybe for archer too.
Add fan proficiency to Ninja
Add Soldiers proficient in one handed and two handed swords, axe, and spears
Make Arthropos learnable by completing Cave Exploration quest
Raise Slumber Mist hitrate cap to 70
Give octopi STR based water attack that cost 12, always hit, single target, only does 75 percent damage to target outside water
Raise Ray of Paralysis hitrate cap to 60
Change shrunken barrage or add skills to Ninja skill like Shadow Bind cost 15 MP, single target, not damaging but chance to make enemies stunned about 70 percent hitrate
Make Haste and Molten Blade cost 10 MP or 12 MP
Increase Influence support spells bonus to 10 or 15
Make Poison Squall always success except to those immune to poison
Make breath attack STR based
Reduce Cheer cost to 15 and Lullaby to 12
Make nagas and cockatrices attack have poison and give hellhound innate dear effect
Make Poison reduce 20 percent from current max health but can't kill.

That's maybe more of my preference than helping but maybe that can help you more.
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