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Uncomplicated Challenge Runs and Ideas; Simple Challenges for the PSP Remake.
Topic Started: Feb 3 2017, 09:11 AM (171 Views)
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I've been playing this game since launch day, actually even before the original (Since I didn't quite grasp modding my psp to run it back then), and have always been a nut for challenge runs. Now granted, the game has a good bit of challenge already, on the other hand it can be argued that it's easy as well, but I have a few run ideas that I've tested and tried with amusing results. Actually, I've even been recording some of them for posterity. Anyhow, here's the list:

1- No Skill Run- :leonard:
So this one led to a lot of shenanigans, but that's what I love about the TO games. The rules of this run are simple: You just can't use ANY skills from the menu. Skill bonuses from items are fine. The only other caveat is that if this is a New Game run, You need to have 3 or more classes. Currently my favorite moment of the run was around the end of chapter 2, where with 6 units having Charm Darts, I turned the entire enemy castle against their leader. Of course, in practice, they all just took turns waling on their squishiest units, but still, it was fun. I just like that this run lets You experience more of the game's mechanics. You would usually just give up hope in Your archers in the rain, standing on bad terrain could be the end of a really good unit. Actually, the No Skill Run was the first time I'd actually seen the loyalty mechanic come into play, a random generic bailed on me one fight into the hanging gardens. I'd done runs for YEARS, and always wound up being able to keep my original squad alive, so the homes of the other units never actually mattered. This time around, almost no one made it to the end, even Mirdyn died on the last battle. Canopus, Gildas, Denam, and Serya were the only survivors. Personally I think this run is fantastic for getting more of that loss feeling of the original.

2- SCC- :lansword:
For the longest time, I thought the Single Class Challenge, while definitely interesting for this game, would always devolve into an obnoxious curbstomp until level 30, and then would be challenging for a couple fights before becoming really easy again. Well, it does....for New Game. HOWEVER, if You have one of those attempts handy, and then just world back to use any of the other classes from the start, the entire game will scale properly. Now...sometimes it didn't, and I believe it was only because I had no classes above 30 when I went back on those attempts. So SCC Challenges of things like Terror Knights, Fusiliers (So much fun), and flippin wizards are properly viable without any bizarre scaling shenanigans, or lack of store access.

3- Pacifist/Negotiation Challenge- :love:
So far, this one has seemed the most counter-intuitive, but after basic testing, it is, in limited part, possible. The rules are like this:
All units have to be unarmed, or have cudgels
You cannot kill a unit unless their Recruit chance is 0%, or they are a leader.
Charm is allowed against Dark Knights, since they can't be recruited.
Basic Bombs are allowed, mainly for expediency and the fact that they are bizarrely non-lethal. (Was there a lore explanation for this, or was it just to make it seem less bizarre that the 2L clerics were basically grenadiers?)

4- Ironman Run- :tartare:
This one's really simple, and New Game-only. You can retreat, but if You ever get a game over under any circumstances, that save gets deleted. Having tried this one, it almost feels like the game was balanced for this sort of thing by default. Just don't forget Dragoons.

5+ More to come, these were just a few I'd tested and thought to share. So far I'm finishing two different versions of a fusilier SCC run, which has been an amazing study in wall hacks.
Edited by skyrobotv, Feb 3 2017, 09:19 AM.
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