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Siren or Shaman in the original psx version ?
Topic Started: Sep 19 2017, 10:26 PM (158 Views)
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Are the 4 sisters better off as shamans or sirens in the psx version .
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Really depends on what spells you want them to use. Shamans cannot use any Dark magic like Incubus, Dark Law or Pain but in exchange they get the ability to cast Zoshonell, Bartha, Gurza, Hahnela, Vitalize, LightBow and Starion. Shamans have better stat growth, but they're unlocked so late you can't really take advantage of it.
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Dud Goose
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You should definitely try going through the game once fairly, but after that, cheating in cool classes is a pretty common way to inject replay value into the game.

It's also fun to try weird things, like a pumpkinhead or nine. (They are actually severely broken in this version, they draw AI like flies to horse shit).
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Social Gomez Warrior

For the couple first runs story characters might hold some appeal, but later on you're probably going to experiment with generics (and then with hacks) so it's kind of a progression really. If the sisters mean anything to you story-wise, use them. Just use what you feel is more fun
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Zero Dozer
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God, there's activity here. I thought the entire place had died.
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Ramza: *Sits in his chair and looks to the side* WHAT THE FUCK?
Denam: Hi.
Denam: Same as you. *Points at Canopus leading the platoon*
Denam: Don't worry. I still got to fight hard guys. It's just that they are not some titanic beast like your foes.
Ramza: T_T Square-Enix fucked me over...
Balthier: Hi guys. Are you throwing up a party here? *Gets on the scene with some barbecue*
Canopus: *Appears and leave Sisteena leading* Sure we are. *Brings on a barbecue kit* Have you eaten Cockatrice meat before?
*Denam gets up and goes to help Canopus and Balthier with their meat party, while Ramza cries out of disappointment with challenges imposed by Square-Enix*
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