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Chronicle Valeria advanced class items~; They can be found as buried treasures.
Topic Started: Jan 10 2018, 11:38 PM (224 Views)
Hello. I was searching for information about advanced class items the other day and I hardly found anything specific, and what I could find was about enemy drops on specific routes. I got a bit sad but eventually forgot about this. Then, I proceeded to hunt those elemental rings ( I always do this for the stun & poison actives ) and after getting one of each, I tried to get another rare item. HolyPlum I think, and I wanted it because I had never used one before. This is where my archer lifts a scroll for Shadow class change. That's it. You can find them as buried treasure. And not only Shadow scrolls, I used save states and acquired every class change item at least once. Since I had trouble finding info about these, I decided to post this here so that people like me can play any route they like and be able to access all the classes they want.

*You need a character with high luck (57+) to be able to acquire class change items, and not every buried treasure carries one.

This is what I've found so far:
Maps & treasures locations - http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html (links for walsta & bacrum at the bottom of the page.) Ignore the vanilla's possible items, as they seem to have no connection regarding CV's outcomes.
There is one at Coritani Keep, outdoors. Treasure B, you need to use the FireBurn (or any other attack that removes grass, but I don't know any) spell to acess the treasure.
The second one is at Brigantes Castle, West. I am almost 100% sure it is treasure B, and you need to burn this one as well. If not, it is probably C.
The last one that I found is at Wyoburi Volcano. Only one treasure in this stage, so yeah. You'll need the spiky boots to walk on lava, or any class with innate lava walk, like the enigma hunter or the fire dragons (I think they can, not sure).

I recommend you save before trying as the results are random. I say this because whenever I tried to obtain a Holy Angel feather, my bad luck decided I needed a Solid Blade instead. LOL. :barbatos:

Finally, if you have trouble finding specific locations on the map because JAPANESE, here is something that helped me out - http://luct.tacticsogre.com/valeria.html - It's a Valerian map at the top of the page. It's a little tricky, but you can eventually find specific places using the link. The more maps you have available at the moment, the easier.

Just don't forget that you need to attain the tier II necessary class before transforming. If you try to turn a Siren into a Holy Angel, she is going to remain a Siren and you lose the item. You need a Shaman to do this.
If you have doubts, this might help - https://imgur.com/a/Na8z4
Also, DO NOT transform spell casters or other units who depend on equipped spells during a hard battle because all equipped spells are sent back to the inventory after transformations. If you turn a Bishop into a Princess at the beginning of a fight, and she happens to be your only healer, you'll have no heals until the end of the fight.

Some additional info: If you want an Angel Knight, turn her into an Amazon before letting her die. I don't know why, but I tried to let my Battle Queen transform (right after L alignment card use) but she would just die 100% of the times. Then, I just switched her class to Amazon and she transformed on the first attempt.

As for collecting them, here are some tips:
Archers, Valkyries, Dragon Tamers and Dragon Masters are the best for this as they can swim, and you can only collect treasures in the water with SWIMMING units, and not those who WALK ON WATER or FLOAT. Also, you can equip them with those spiky boots and they will be able to go in the water and walk on lava.
I recommend ignoring the treasures during actual fights, as you can collect them in training mode. This is much better, as you can focus better on them and not care about positioning (or stupid vampires nuking your collectors). However, some story battles occur in different versions of some maps, like Rime City, which has 4 different versions depending on your current chapter and route. This means you cannot access the 3 special ones in the training mode, and if you want a certain treasure on these maps, you'll have to collect them during the fight. Because of this, it is recommended to level your collector up when possible, if you have any.
As I mentioned before, beeing able to save before trying is really helpful to avoid getting repeated or unwanted items.
Have fun! :cookie:

*I'm sorry if there is another post with this information. I can remove this post (if this is possible) if there are any problems.
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I have found more:
Rime Town Special Chapter 3 map (training not possible) - Treasure A, no special needs.
Treasure B too, no special needs as well. Just step on it.
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