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Plots for episodes 6 and 8 revealed
Topic Started: Feb 13 2018, 10:59 PM (192 Views)
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Death Knight
Found this today.

There was a fan conference years ago (2011?) where Matsuno laid out the major plot points for Episodes 6 and 8.
The contents were later published in a doujin. Google has multiple fan pages with the info on the episodes and other topics that came up, such as Deneb's love life.

The following is a rough, edited Google translation of the plot from this site:

The original episode 8 "In The Lap Of The Gods ..." starts with Tristan's funeral, who has died from a month-long fever. At that time, Rauny gives birth to twin princes, who will feature for the rest of the story.

Before talking about episode 8, you need to know about episode 6 first.

Episode 6 and Episode 7 occur simultaneously. Five braves who left for Lodis in Episode 5 (Destin, Debonair, Aisha, Gilbert, and Saladin) will arrive at Lodis Governorate Nildam located in the sea of Rye. This is the homeland of Andoras who appeared in Tactics Ogre, conquered in an invasion by Lodis and now occupied. Episode 6 is a story of the release of the Bolmoccan people, branded as second class citizens and treated like slaves, who are brought back to Zenobia. (notes: Slust the red dragoon is from this nation)

This event in Nildam and Valeria's unification will trigger a full-scale war between Lodis and Zenobia, and Lancelot Tartarus is thereby ordered to return home.

Lodis' justification is about reclaiming the Holy Land (Lodis' religion is based on the sun god Filaha, whose sacred place is Avalon Island from Ogre Battle). Behind this is a prophecy that the resurrection of the founding father of Lodis, St. Lodis, will occur (referred to as Seiko). While this may not be true, Pope Sardian uses it to take war to Zenobia. With the development of the story, it turns out that Seiko is one of Rauny's sons/one of the princes.

So, anyway, Tristan dies and the war breaks out after Rauny's coronation...

And Zenobia is defeated... which makes up the first half of the episode.

When Rauny is assassinated, Zenobia surrenders. Lodis will raise one of the princes to be the new king of Zenobia and rule it as a puppet regime.

The main character of the game is one of the knights of Lodis. Therefore, the first half of the game is about the invasion of Zenobia.

In the second half of the game, it turns out that the prince who became the new king was actually Rashidi, reincarnated. Before the war, Rashidi planned to become the king of Zenobia to get the Zodiac Stones, which contain the sealed power of the Twelve Disciples, who rescued humanity from the armies of the underworld in the Ogre Battle legend. However the war with Lodis was out of his calculations, so he kills Rauny to stop the war. While puppet king, he frightens Pope Sardian from time to time, who is astonished to see a 5-year-old child using magic at the level of an adult. Sardian's aides believe he is Seiko reincarnated. Eventually he murders Pope Sardian and becomes ruler of Lodis. Then starts the second Ogre Battle.

The hero learns of this and persuades defeated Zenobians such as Canopus and Mildain (they may be prisoners at this time) to help stop Rashidi's ambitions. Together, they and other former heroes will fight Ogres emerging from chaos gates.
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Death Knight
Some parallels to Final Fantasy Tactics:

- the zodiac stones. The former zenobians might have become like the zodiac braves, each getting a zodiac stone. The hero gets the first few in chapter two.

- the founding saint. St. Ajora also founded a religion which started an empire, and his resurrection is foretold.

- the death of the king, his child the heir. King Ondoria dies from illness, so his child Prince Orinus ascends to the throne with Queen Luveria.

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Zero Dozer
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The one with courage to face the Palace of the Dead.
Someone coax Square Enix into calling this guy to make the games. NOW.
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Ramza: *Sits in his chair and looks to the side* WHAT THE FUCK?
Denam: Hi.
Denam: Same as you. *Points at Canopus leading the platoon*
Denam: Don't worry. I still got to fight hard guys. It's just that they are not some titanic beast like your foes.
Ramza: T_T Square-Enix fucked me over...
Balthier: Hi guys. Are you throwing up a party here? *Gets on the scene with some barbecue*
Canopus: *Appears and leave Sisteena leading* Sure we are. *Brings on a barbecue kit* Have you eaten Cockatrice meat before?
*Denam gets up and goes to help Canopus and Balthier with their meat party, while Ramza cries out of disappointment with challenges imposed by Square-Enix*
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