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Ogre AI Battalion Deathmatch
Topic Started: Jun 22 2018, 09:38 AM (58 Views)
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The true final episode of the Forum battalion, where they face off against their greatest threat yet: Lanselot's Overia Squad!

Watch in full glory how terrible the AI is at using spells!

Both teams are from my forum battalions. Blue team is from the LuCT battalion, complete with the exact same stats. Red Team is from the KoL battalion though I had to improvise a couple of things since KoL is a fairly different game altogether.

Some after notes:

  • Dark Angels aren't in LuCT, however Raven Men are pretty much identical so I made Amon that instead.
  • ANI (The Hawkman not the Templar) was given Wind Shot to make up for the absence of Thunder Arrow. He never ends up using it though.
  • Carrie was given Incubus to replace Ice Javelin.
  • Sena was brought back to serve as Red Team's 10th member. She also had to undergo a gender change since female Ninjas don't exist in the world of LuCT. I had forgotten to give her FireBurn but it might've been for the best.
  • Lucian was given Fudo since he had Atropos; which is the exact same move. He lost the ability to use Lightning Bow since Knights can't cast spells.
  • Both Maercus and Lucian were given Ninja levels during training to help offset their heavy equipment load.
  • Nagas don't exist in LuCT so I made Boobby into a Hydra instead.
  • Zemia was the tricky one since she was focused around using both Heal+ and Exorcism. As Priests can't use Heal+ I ended up making her a Cleric instead. In hindsight I probably should've made her a Princess with the Priest's sprite so she could have both since Woozy is terrible.
  • A lot of members of the LuCT battalion had to sit out. These were: Enki, Draegar, Astel, Tenks, Geta and Poke. I might make a version including them at some stage. Possibly against a different forum battalion.
  • Blue Team had all their Orbs confiscated. The AI tend to think they're for blowing up on enemies instead of being a piece of gear to lower WT.
Edited by Wolkenritter, Jun 22 2018, 10:29 AM.
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Watching how the AI handles AoE spells made me die a little on the inside.
Edited by Clockworker, Jun 22 2018, 10:38 AM.
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