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Welcome to Team Angelz Vengeance Forums.
As of April 20th 2013 and onward we are closed.
The Forums will still be currently open to all who wish to look around our past wars and many of the other thing's we did while we were open as a team, Was a fun ride.
However thanks for all the indivituals who contributed to the team all these years.
I wish all of you the best !
- Koutla60 Founder of Team Angelz Vengeance.
November 17th 2009 - April 20th 2013
Fear The Angelz Taste our Vengeance!

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April 2013
Ending Member Of The Month
Gt Rey



World 41

Team Angelz Vengeance has closed. Thanks for all the good time's we had met a lot of unique indivitual's. Wish you all the best and good luck with your future goal's! - Koutla60

Welcome to Team Angelz Vengeance Forums.

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