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Current date: Apr - June, 2046

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Sora Ryuu; Biography
Topic Started: May 27 2014, 08:07 PM (511 Views)
Sora Ryuu
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Sora Ryuu
Age: 38
From: Komukai Underground City

Occupation: All Naga are trained from maturity in stealth and battle. Many would say they were trained by ninja. Few remember that ninja were created from the memory of a Naga.

Psychological description: Curiosity is Sora's hallmark. In her youth she was the snake in your shoe. She ate the eggs in the henhouse and she avoided every trap set to catch her in her wanderings. Today she has a more sober outlook. Though she has learned caution, signs of humor, mischief and a zest for life peek through even her more mundane activities.

Physical description: She is small in stature both as a snake and as a humanoid. She has tawny gold skin with dark umber patches and black eyes. In humanoid form she stands 4’5”, wears cloth wrapped about her in similar indistinct markings or a full ninja wardrobe complete with a face mask to hide the fact that she is not human.

Power: She shares the increased strength and speed of her race as well as snakelike senses and immunity to the One Power.

Bio: The sibilant sound of speech swept the streets of Komukai, one of many Naga cities. Sora walked through the thronged marketplace carrying supplies back home, her muted gold scales reflecting the sourceless light. Unlike traditional Naga her own age, Sora preferred to maintain a humanoid form. She though it better prepared her for when it was her turn Outside. She was a Gatherer and she took her sacred duty seriously. That was as far as her resemblance to other Gatherers went. While most Naga learned about the Outside in an attempt to maintain their invisible existence, Sora sought to integrate herself among the humans. She looked like a child to most and as such was largely ignored by the malignant forces in the world. Unlike most Naga, her size often afforded her a view of the kinder side of humans. She had partaken of countless gifts and helpful instructions from humans merely because they assumed her one of their own, too young to defend herself. It made her feel better about protecting the ancients knowing their race to be compassionate.

Sora entered her house just moments before her vision blurred, then sharpened. The Need was back. There was an ancient to be gathered. She quickly donned her ninja garb and a large shapeless overcoat. She stood waiting, knowing that in a few minutes, she would be transported to a place Outside. She was needed…
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