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Current date: Apr - June, 2046

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Zoya Bocharov
Topic Started: Jun 8 2014, 06:47 PM (410 Views)
Zoya Bocharov
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Name: Zoya Bocharov
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Human
Goddess: Amana
Location: Moscow
Occupation: Environmental Scientist, Researcher for the Center for Nature Conservation... Activist
Powers: Female half of the One Power
Strength: 5/36
Experience: New

Appearance: Green eyed, and with delicately chiseled features, the young brunette is 5’5” tall and about 125 lbs. Athletic by nature, Zoya has a svelte and defined figure; the combined result of her love for swimming and running.

Personality: Zoya is a highly spirited, idealistic young woman. While she is not willing to hurt others in the pursuit of her ideals, she is not past committing minor infractions in order to benefit her cause. This, along with her inability to hold her tongue, makes others, on occasion, see her as a tad bit reckless.


They say that she was never born, that she exists eternally. She is the personification of both time and eternity.

She lives in the waters. She rules them and their spirits.

At first, she rode the wave that was the Milky Way and created the sun to warm the world. Not having anticipated its strength and fierce heat, the goddess of the rivers and the waters immersed the sun in the ocean each night to protect the earth and all in it.

She is Amana…

Raised along one of the smaller river towns along the Moskva, Zoya has always loved nature and felt a special connection to the rivers and oceans. Always the outspoken one, she was never afraid to give people a piece of her mind.

She had a wonderful upbringing. Her parents loved her and each other. All in all, Zoya had a typical life. From about the time she turned sixteen, however, she experienced bouts of illness. Nausea and headaches that left her in bed for days at a time. Her parents insisted on taking her to the doctor, but she managed to convince them otherwise. The girl had heard of others that had been taken away, and was afraid of the same fate.

It was around the time that Zoya planned on leaving for college, in Moscow, that she noticed something peculiar. Having decided to spend some time with her youngest brother, Zoya took a twelve year old Anton to the river. Everything went well till Anton, despite her protests, climbed a tree and promptly fell into the water.

In the fall, Anton had broken a leg, nearly drowned, and lost consciousness. It took great effort on her part, but she managed to get him out of the river before the current dragged them both too far. In a panic, Zoya did her best to get her brother to wake up. Her attempts at CPR seemed to drag on too long, her fear rising until tears streamed down her face.

When the boy woke up, coughing out water and gasping for air, Zoya was overwhelmed with relief. He was going to be fine, and his leg, she noticed in astonishment, was no longer broken.

After a time, the headaches stopped, and she realized that odd things happened around her whenever she was afraid.

After attaining her bachelors in Environmental Science, Zoya chose to stay in Moscow working for an activist organization known as the Center for Nature Conservation. Manned by volunteers, and largely none profit, she considered it a better fit than a possible position within the government itself.
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Zoya Bocharov
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The Godwars of South America give the story of Zoya's previous life as Amana. The story behind the Goddess' legend, a life dedicated to the protection of her people, and the sacrifice of love, life, and family for it all.

Zoya meets Ivan Sarkozy for the first time as he arrests her for a measly little thing like breaking and entering. They do not know it, but this is the pattern bringing them together once more; Amana and Viracocha cross paths in this life, though the roles may be slightly reversed.

Zoya meets a Rakshasa for the first time and unwittingly channels in order to save her life. The whole event scared her out of her mind, sending her blindly into the bad part of town. Here she encounters the rough and tough Mr. White, and is once again placed in Ivan Sarkozy's care.
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