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Current date: Apr - June, 2046

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Lucas Andreeff
Topic Started: Jul 26 2014, 08:01 AM (438 Views)
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Name: Lucas Andreeff
Age: 26
Origin: Moscow, Russia, DI

Occupation: Tattoo Artist/Tattoo Parlor Co-Owner/Art History Student

Psychological description: Lucas has lived through hell and come out stronger for it. He knows what he's struggled with and has the pride of knowing that with help he defeated those demons. Now, he finds joy in his work, connecting with and helping his customers to find an image that represents what they are feeling. Although he is religious and goes to mass and confession regularly, he also views what he does as a sort of spiritual therapy for himself and others. He has found happiness if helping people.

Physical description: Lucas stands 1.8 meters tall (5'10") with a dark brown mess of hair that takes a bit to actually make look as messy as it does. His bright blue eyes speak volumes about his past and where he wants to go. He has a dragon tatto across his chest and coiled around his left shoulder. He's a strong lean build from his MMA training.

Powers & supernatural powers: Nada


Lucas' life didn't start out the greatest. His mom died when he was young, there was very few things he could remember about her and there were just as few pictures to remember her by. His father was his role model, and some role model he turned out to be. He was gone most of the time, leaving Lucas alone even when he was too young to actually be by himself. When he was home, he was drunk and even less caring than when he was there.

Lucas' father had such a reputation in their neighborhood that it carried down to Lucas. He was an outcast at a young age. The loneliness brought upon darker demons. It started with a puff here and there. And by 15 he was hooked on the latest drug craze that happened to be running through the neighborhood. His dad was disgusted with is behavior when Lucas informed him he wasn't going back to school. His father kicked him out of the house.

Living on the streets was not even the lowest Lucas' could fall. In order to get his next fix Lucas sold himself to the locals and some not so locals. The women usually treated him alright. But the men who liked boys, they were the worst. But the money and the drugs kept Lucas going back for more.

His twenty-first birthday was the bottom. Lucas had scored big, really big, the day before. He was alone and the birthday blues hit. He did pretty much all his stash in a matter of a few hours. He stumbled around the streets of Moscow and ended up passed out in some alley.

A man of about 50 found Lucas lying in a pool of his own vomit. He picked up Lucas and helped him to his house. It had to have been a struggle Lucas was barely conscience.

Valentin Rusikov was the first man to actually care about Lucas except for the Church. But that was a completely different kind of love. Valentin showed Lucas he was worth something. Lucas was not his father but Valentin showed him he was worthy of being loved, and cared for. That he was someone!

It still took Valentin a while to convince Lucas that he needed help. No matter how far Lucas fell back into his old habits, Valentin was there to pull him out and give him the support he needed. He never told Lucas he was a loser, or that he was a failure. He helped him through the darkness.

Eventually Lucas believed him, and he got his act together. It wasn't easy. It took two years of struggle to get where he was now.

It's been three years since Lucas had his last fix and his last drink. And Valentin was there every step of the way. In the spring of 2043 Lucas fell into some money. His dad had past away, not that it really mattered, there was little love lost, but his father had money, how Lucas had no idea. But it was enough to start his own tattoo parlor, something that he was really good at. Valentine co-signed with him since Lucas had very little in the way of credit.

That fall Lucas started at Moscow State University with a major in Art History. He didn't need a degree to do what he loved, but it gave him something else to strive for. Keeping busy was a big key in staying sober. He also took up MMA at a local gym, the constant training that Jeet Kune Do requires, keeps Lucas very busy.

Now it's 2045, Lucas is two years into his degree and the shop is doing well. The customers keep coming back and there are always new ones. Doing all of it is a challenge but with Valentin's support Lucas makes it through every day sober.
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Always looking to pass on the kindness and help he'd been given, Lucas met a woman who is much more than he'd anticipated.
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