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Current date: Apr - June, 2046

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Jacinda Cross
Topic Started: Oct 25 2014, 08:30 PM (365 Views)
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Age: 45
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Build: Athletic

Jacinda was born Jacinda Nolan to Dorothy and Jack Nolan. They were normal parents though they did try to live off the grid mostly, due to the decline in America. While living in southern Colorado outside of South Fork, they were met by an Atharim hunter, Regan Cross. Regan was a pretty good hunter and spent most of his time in the south west, with rougarou and chupacbra being his primary prey, though he also stalked wolfkin where he could. He was an outdoors man who, when not hunting Atharim prey, stalked animals. He relished the hunt, the slow process of stalking and closing in prey and then finally trapping it and killing it. He preferred trapping and killing, the death by hand. Wolfkin were a particular challenge, given their abilities, but he relished that aspect, pitting himself against them. The contest and survival.

And sometime, occasionally, a girl hiking with her boyfriend would go missing. The boyfriend would be dead and the girl would disappear only for her body to be found days later in much worse shape. While they weren't as effective prey as the men might be, the payoff when caught was always worth it to him.

Regan cozied up to Jack and Dorothy, went with Jack and Jacinda on hunts, helped around the place, and seemed to be a good ally. But Regan had a thing for Jacinda. Already a loner and perhaps with a bit of anti-social tendencies, he found himself drawn to her even though she was only 12. While out hunting with Jacinda and her father, he saw his opportunity and killed Jack, making it look like he had been killed by a rougarou. Not his usual style, but he had a goal- Jacinda.

Coming home with her, he stayed to help Dorothy around the place and pick up the pieces. He also spent more and more time with Jacinda, still harboring his plans. He wanted her but she couldn't know that he'd killed her parents- at least consciously. He began taking Jacinda hunting with him. They would sometimes split up while stalking a creatures. On one such hunt, he left her alone and went back to Dorothy's cabin. He raped and brutally killed Dorothy. In order to tie Jacinda to him, he mutilated the body in the way a feeding rougarou might. When he and Jacinda returned home, they discovered the horror he'd planted. Jacinda, overwhelmed with loss and anger and hatred and grief, accepted his explanation of what had killed her. He revealed what he was- an Atharim hunter- and that they could track the creature.

With a desire for revenge and feelings of rage and powerlessness, Jacinda went with him until they came to a lone man living in the woods. The man was not a rougarou, though Regan told her he was. Together they stalked, tortured, and killed the man. Jacinda relished the feeling of revenge and power she felt.

That night, in an emotional rush and turmoil from the days activities, Regan raped her, though she didn't see it that way. She was 12 years old. She thought that she consented and the pleasure she felt from his manipulation of her emotions, from the release of the kill and the sense of revenge caused her to think that it was love. And it was the beginning of a strange sort of relationship. Regan viewed her as his daughter and also wife. He treated her as his partner though clearly he manipulated her. She depended on him, as the only family she had. That was when she took his last name.

They hunted other creatures over the years- the ones Regan had hunted before. Despite any appearance of humanity they might have- esp in the case of wolfkin and channelers or their family, she had no compassion. The truth was, the hole that had been left only was filled when she was killing. And she enjoyed it. She never knew of Regan's occasional need to just kill someone. She at least needed the nominal excuse. Not much of one. Being family of a monster was enough. Genetic heritage and all that. But really, she just enjoyed the killing. She could believe she was doing good while being able to feel powerful and in control. And usually, she was so aroused by her killing that she and Regan had frenzied sex afterwards.

Regan was killed while they were taking down a nest of rougarou. Jacinda was 20. Something in her snapped and she took her time with the kill, at the end. By then, Regan's reputation was pretty well known and as his partner, Jacinda was also becoming known. She continued the work, able to ferret out the smallest detail and latch on to rumor and whispers and then piece the clues together to take out any number of atharim targets. She stayed at a crime scene for hours, developing a sense of what the creatures had felt and seen. She got in their head. That allowed her to track them back to their lair.

Unlike some Atharim, she had no problem making sure the kin of those who died of the sickness also were put down. They weren't her favorite kills usually as they mostly required the deaths to look accidental. There was little release there. Occasionally, though, she got a hold of one or two that she could take her time with. If the Atharim wanted them alive for study, she was able to take them, though the takes weren't always clean.

But her reputation grew throughout the country and was well known amonf the American Atharim. She was a person who got the job done and wouldn't stop until it was that way.
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